TALKE Group sees growth overseas but foresees challenges for the domestic market


TALKE, one of the world’s leading providers of logistics solutions for the chemical industry, is satisfied with the developments in 2022, despite global uncertainties. The company has seen a significant increase in global sales compared to 2021.

Growth in overseas business has exceeded expectations and made a positive contribution to the Group’s earnings. The company sees challenges for the domestic market because of the energy crisis and its impact on the industry. To effectively address these, the company has introduced a performance programme, a press communique indicated.

TALKE’s sustainability framework is called ‘Crafting Responsible Logistics’ and covers four areas of action, which the company is progressively fleshing out and implementing. The company has also forged ahead with its digitization initiatives.

In this context, TALKE has introduced real-time tracking in the transport area and automated processes through various SAP extensions.

Middle East: Record results with a special focus on safety

In the Middle East region, TALKE has completed its chemical hub in Dubai with a fully automated filling facility directly connected to the hazardous materials warehouse.

In addition, the company has decided to build a second ‘Multi-User Logistic Centre’ on a 300,000sqm site at the Jubail Commercial Port in Saudi Arabia. The new distribution centre will be used by the surrounding industry and offers a comprehensive, integrated range of services.

The company has received multiple awards for its high safety standards, such as commendations for achieving 20 million working hours without any lost-time incidents in the Saudi Arabian TALKE joint venture and 6.5 million working hours without any lost-time incidents in Qatar.


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