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NAFL: NAIC-PLACI Compliance Session

The National Association of Freight & Logistics (NAFL) has asked its members to be fully prepared for the UAE Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) regulations, ensuring that partners and customers will experience no disruptions in their shipments. This achievement underscores the Association’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency in operations.

PLACI, the new security regime, is an advanced security measure designed to enhance the monitoring and safety of air cargo. It mandates the submission of cargo data to regulatory authorities for risk assessment prior to loading, thereby enhancing the security of the supply chain.

Awareness Session

To this end, NAFL hosted an awareness session on the PLACI regime exclusive to its members to ensure all the foreorders are acquainted with the new use PLACI policies that will be executed. This pre-loading advance cargo information policy is being used in the USA and the EU.

The members enjoyed the informative session and information presented by the National Advance Information Centre (NAIC) team and specialists. There was considerable in-depth knowledge shared and followed by open question and answer session.

Speakers at the specially convened session included Nadia Abdul Aziz, President, NAFL; Ahmed Essameldin, Chief Strategy Officer, NAIC; Mohammed Al-Qattan, Development Team Leader, NAIC; Rafik Farid, NAIC Programmes Manager-PLACI Progress and Loay El Kashef, NAIC Business Analysis Lead. Al-Qattan presented the work procedures with several NAIC experts present at the meet.

The event attracted several senior professionals from the industry and allowed them to network and exchange information. NAFL thanked NAIC team for all their support and cooperation to the freight and logistics industry.


This protocol is crucial for addressing potential threats early and supporting the seamless flow of commerce by ensuring that all cargo is risk-assessed before it is loaded onto an aircraft.

The well attended PLACI Awareness Session & Overview session covered subjects that included Ecosystems & Liabilities, Business Process, Data Requirements, Onboarding of Freight Forwarders, Programme Plans and Milestones, and open discussions where members peppered speakers with frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Since its introduction, the adoption of PLACI has gradually expanded. Initially implemented by the US Customs & Border Protection with the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) programme in 2019, it was later adopted by the European Union with the launch of the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) in 2023. Both ACAS and ICS2 are fully integrated into local and regional operational processes and will eventually start live filing to ACAS.


NAIC, under the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security, is the first country outside of North America and Europe to implement a PLACI regime.

Additional countries are planning to roll out PLACI, indicating a growing global commitment to bolstering the security of the air cargo supply chain against evolving threats.

NAFL also exhorted its members to be fully committed to the successful implementation of the UAE’s PLACI initiative and has integrated UAE PLACI standards into its global operations.

“The early and comprehensive adoption of UAE PLACI protocols will demonstrate our members’ dedication to security and a proactive approach to regulatory compliance,” commented Nadia Abdul Aziz, President, NAFL.

Companies will continue to work closely with international and local authorities to navigate these new regulations effectively. Carriers will also be required to assist partners and customers in understanding and adapting to these changes, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and prepared.

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