ECS Group is on a continuous voyage of Discovery


Discovery, ECS Group’s in-house training platform, offers more than 50 digital training modules and a solid knowledge database to its employees. Professional training and life-long-learning are a winning combination when it comes to business and personal success.

Discovery was launched in September 2020, and covers a comprehensive, up-to-date, online training pallet aimed at efficient knowledge transfer and skills enhancement. Thus, Discovery offers a host of courses that have been developed in-house to introduce users to ECS Group’s Quantum and Apollo digital solutions, and partner technologies such as SkyPallet or CargoSpot. Comprehensive onboarding courses are available for team members who are new to the air freight industry, helping them to integrate quickly. Discovery contains role-related training plans for the different job functions within ECS Group, such as Sales, Customer Service, or Finance, for example, which managers assign to their team members.

“Most of the courses available on Discovery have been created by ECS Group employees for ECS Group employees. The end-user training for the digital solutions created by our Cargo Digital Factory – Quantum and Apollo, are obvious examples, and were put together by their respective product owners. However, we also offer 5 training modules for CargoSpot, and one for SkyPallet. Internally produced training courses ensure a much more efficient knowledge transfer because they are directly based on our ECS Group business processes, and are thus more specifically relevant and tangible,” Cedric Millet, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer of ECS Group , explains. The average duration of a course module is one hour, and participants are required to pass a test at the end of each module, to allow them to proceed with the next one.

“Life-long-learning is what makes us stand out – personally and professionally – and the achievements of each and every one of our employees is what drives ECS Group’s continuous competitive success,” says Adrien Thominet, Executive Chairman of ECS Group.

Two new training projects are lined up for 2023: a Dangerous Goods Transportation overview course, and an in-depth Sustainability module. The Sustainability module is due to be launched in the first quarter of the year and will be made mandatory, given that Sustainability is the fourth core pillar of the Augmented GSSA concept.


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