Changing the representations of Women in the media: the superpower of communication


When it comes to communication, what you see is what you are. Consequently, the same goes for women’s representation in the media. This is Lemon Queen’s deep belief and what motivates the agency to encourage the industry to shed a positive light on women to change mentalities…every day of the year.

Women’s representation in communication and the media in general is key in forging the way they are perceived by our society. This representation can not only have a great influence on opinions but also on the behaviours toward them. Quite often, negative representations using sexist stereotypes worsen the existing inequalities and discrimination.

Yet Lemon Queen believes this trend can and must be reversed since a positive representation of women in all their diversity can help change mentalities for the best and promote sex equality. And who better than a communication agency to have a direct impact on this representation? What better way than using this press release as a platform to get key messages across?

In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a need for Women’s Day because celebrating all the queens would be common practice. Representing women in a fair and equitable way across all media should be the norm. And Lemon Queen is proud not only that most of its clients share this view and make sure they consistently send positive messages throughout the year but also to collaborate with like-minded media and journalists.

If there are glimmers of hope in the general media, there is, however, still room for improvement for a large part of the air cargo press. While there are many women occupying top positions in the air freight business, they sadly rarely make the front page.

Audrey Serdjebi, CEO of Lemon Queen observes: “The very existence of specific award categories for women is enough to show that there is still work to be done, in our industry as in others, unfortunately. Not to mention the sudden surge of interviews with women that appears at this time of year and the sometimes patronizing angle of the questions that seem to forget that those women are, first and foremost, experts in the industry, 365 days a year…”

Communication and the media have a huge influence on the way women are portrayed in our society. This is especially true in advertising where strong visuals can make or break stereotypes. To show women in a different light can empower them, make them stand up for their rights, boost their self-esteem, encourage them to explore new roles and aspire to greater heights.

While this necessary change may seem slow, it is definitely underway. Because everyone can be an actor of change for our society, we all have a role to play in accepting, or not, the messages we are submitted to. Achieving a constant and normalized positive representation of women in the media is totally within our reach if we put our mind to it. Should this not be, after all, the least to be expected when dealing with no less than 52% of the world population.


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