Yanbu receive the ship “Jolly Palladio”


Yanbu Industrial Port received the ship “Jolly Palladio” loaded with vehicles for the “Saudi Dakar Rally 2024.”

King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu received the vessel “Jolly Palladio” from the maritime agent “Saudi Investment Group and Marketing” via the shipping line “Ignazio Messina.” The vessel is loaded with vehicles for the Dakar Rally 2024, including 864 vehicles, 86 motorcycles, 5 helicopters, and 39 containers, to participate in the “Saudi Dakar Rally 2024”.

The off-loading operations were completed within 9 hours, setting a record compared to last year’s unloading of 712 vehicles in 12 hours. This achievement reflects the efficiency of the port’s facilities and infrastructure, highlighting the continuous development of the maritime ports network. It further enhances the Kingdom’s position as a leading center for trade, maritime tourism, and logistics services.

This is part of the efforts by the Saudi Ports Authority “Mawani” to support vital sectors and enable their activities across the Kingdom, particularly in the tourism, sports, and entertainment sectors. These sectors are among the key economic contributors that support the diversification of the national economy. Additionally, the authority is keen on developing the Kingdom’s ports to accommodate the largest and most modern types of ships in the world.

This step confirms the high operational efficiency and the strategic location on the Red Sea coast of King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu. The port offers numerous logistical services that attract investors in the maritime transport sector. It aligns with the national strategic targets for transportation and logistics to solidify the Kingdom’s position as a global logistics hub and enhance its position in the maritime transport industry.

It is worth noting that King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu received the Italian ship “Jolly Bandiyo” last year, which carried vehicles for the “Dakar Rally” 2023, including 712 cars, 5 helicopters, 22 containers, and 61 motorcycles. This further confirms the readiness of the port’s infrastructure and its ability to attract international shipping lines and accommodate various sizes of giant vessels, thus enhancing the position of Saudi ports regionally and internationally.


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