WSC thanks coalition to protect seafarers


WSC thanks coalition for action to protect seafarers and trade in the Red Sea region

The World Shipping Council today expressed its thanks to the member nations of the Operation Prosperity Guardian coalition formed to address the maritime security crisis in the Red Sea region.

The mission of this task force is critical to protecting seafarers and to defending the foundational principle of freedom of navigation. We are grateful that these nations have come together to protect seafarers and the vessels on which they serve, and we hope that the coalition will succeed in creating the necessary conditions for safe passage through the Red Sea.

The Council also calls upon the global community to continue to pursue every possible diplomatic effort in support of security in and safe navigation through this region that is vital to international trade.

World Shipping Council CEO John W. Butler added: “On behalf of our member carriers, I particularly want to stress the importance of the coalition’s action to defend the safety and lives of our seafarers – the thousands of men and women from around the world who every day ensure vessels carrying food, medicines, humanitarian supplies, and goods of all kinds safely reach their destination ports on every continent.”


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