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Unity: a key factor in the aviation industry’s recovery


A strong international unity was emerging at the ICAO Council meeting that took place on Thursday 09 April 2020. The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) along with high-level representatives from ACI, CANSO, ICCAIA and IATA[1] were invited to the informal briefing of the Council which was held as a video conference. The objective of the briefing was to present to the Council views of the international aviation community on the main measures that States should take to provide immediate support to the aviation industry and, at a later date, to support its recovery. The central theme of the meeting was ‘work together and in unison’.

TIACA, the sole organization dedicated exclusively to representing air freight, defended its members’ interests before the Council. “I gave to the Council a background on our association, its mission and main objectives, as well as some examples of the successful collaborative work in the last seven years with ICAO. But of course, the main presentation was on the measures that TIACA and its members are recommending to alleviate effects of this crisis to maintain orderly business activity,[2]” said Vladimir Zubkov, TIACA’s General Secretary.

TIACA reiterated – and several other organizations agreed – that pressure on resources is intense and government financial assistance is necessary both immediately and at a later date to support the industry’s recovery. The international alliance focused in particular on protecting resources and staff, as well as the need for strict prioritization.

“Unity among the international community and its stakeholders is essential,” said Vladimir Zubkov.

In his summary the ICAO President, Salvatore Sciacchitano, emphasized the importance of a strong international alliance to help the aviation industry emerge from this crisis.

The ICAO Council will take practical measures and industry representatives will continue to work together at Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Technical Meetings, organized each week by ICAO with TIACA as a fully-fledged member.

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