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United Motors lands deal with Emirates Flight Catering

United Motors & Heavy Equipment Lands Deal with Emirates Flight Catering

United Motors & Heavy Equipment (UMHE) and Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC), a leader in the aviation catering industry, is pleased to announce the official signing of a deal focused on enhancing operational efficiency within the demanding aviation sector.

Mahmood Ameen, CEO of Emirates Flight Catering, and Khalifa Al Ketbi, Managing Director of United Motors & Heavy Equipment, formally signed the deal.

EKFC Strengthens Operations with Cutting-Edge Fleet

Under the terms of the partnership, UMHE will provide EKFC with a fleet of cutting-edge MAN trucks, renowned for their reliability, advanced technology, and robust performance. These vehicles are expected to bolster EKFC’s operational efficiency by expediting deliveries and ensuring the seamless flow of goods and services critical to maintaining EKFC’s industry-leading service.

“We are thrilled to partner with Emirates Flight Catering, a leader in the aviation catering industry ” stated Khalifa Al Ketbi of UMHE. ” This collaboration not only reflects our commitment to providing top-quality transportation and logistics solutions but also our dedication to supporting the operational excellence of our partners.”

Mahmood Ameen of Emirates Flight Catering noted, “As we continue to enhance our logistics and operational capabilities, the addition of these new MAN trucks from UMHE represents a significant investment in logistics efficiency for Emirates Flight Catering. This acquisition ensures that we can consistently deliver the highest standards of service to our clients by investing in the latest equipment from a leading manufacturer like MAN”.

Positioning for Future Growth

By leveraging the capabilities of the new MAN truck fleet, EKFC is poised to unlock new levels of efficiency. This will further solidify its reputation for exceptional service while meeting the ever-growing demands of its global clientele with even greater precision and speed. This positions both UMHE and EKFC to drive innovation and excellence within their respective industries.

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