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UD Trucks launches the Euro 5 Range in Quester & Euro 3 in Croner 

  • New models include the Euro 5 Quester and Croner
  • New Euro 5 range offers enhanced durability and boosts profitability
  • New Euro 5 upgrades minimise environmental impact and optimise customer satisfaction
  • New model upgrades also available on the Euro 3 range
  • Launch bolsters UD Trucks’ Better Life purpose

UD Trucks has launched Euro 5 versions of its popular Quester and Croner trucks in the region for the first time. The new trucks feature significant upgrades to minimise their environmental impact, improve efficiency and uptime, increase profitability, and optimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), all without compromising the benefits offered by the previous models.

The launch of the new Euro 5 trucks comes ahead of the introduction of new regulations in fast-growing regional countries such as the United Arab Emirates, which currently has a Euro 4 emission standard, and Qatar, which will be adopting Euro 5 emission standards by mid-2022. This move by UD Trucks allows businesses to better prepare for the switch to more environmentally-friendly fleets, as the Euro 5 range reduces NOx emissions by about 43 percent compared to Euro 4 and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the vehicles through cleaner emissions.

The official launch event was UD Trucks’ first since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and took place at the Dubai Autodrome. The event, which adhered to all necessary health and safety guidelines, was attended by the Japanese Consul-General in the UAE, Mr. Noboru Sekiguchi, as well as some 160 customers from across the region, who were able to experience driving the new trucks first-hand, and were also given a chance to visit EXPO 2020.

The number of advanced features offered on the Quester, one of UD Trucks’ most established, durable and efficient trucks, has been added along with the latest Euro 5 upgrade. The Quester Euro 5 range, with 460 hp and 2250 Nm torque, also delivers improved fuel economy by about 10 percent, assisted by the ESCOT automated manual transmission feature, a lighter tare weight and optimised driveline. Improvements made to the new Quester also extend to safety, where ESCOT takes away the drivers’ need to shift an average of 1,000-1,500 times a day by automatically selecting the right gear at any given time. This leads to increased focus and safety for the driver.

The latest Euro 5 upgrades also add to the Croner’s impressive specification list. The Croner is available in three models – MKE, LKE and PKE – with wheelbase variants that offer up to 21 different configurations to suit the specific demands of various industries. The truck’s fuel efficiency has been improved, in part due to a more aerodynamic cab design that reduces drag by 5 percent compared to previous models. The Croner is very much driver-focused as its cabin is designed to put driver comfort first with numerous active and passive safety features to protect the driver, cargo, and surrounding traffic.

Taking into account that emissions from transportation alone have the potential to increase global emission levels by over 1.5 per cent, these heavy-duty and medium duty trucks, which combine optimal fuel efficiency with enhanced durability, have evolved further to meet modern transport and environmental challenges. Being the first truck manufacturer to introduce Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology in 2004, UD Trucks’ new range features SCR technology to significantly boost environmental protection and fuel economy. With such benefits, SCR technology is proven to be more reliable when compared to other emission control technologies for reducing emissions.

The new range focuses on three themes: improved efficiency and optimised TCO; better uptime; and better for the environment. The truck manufacturer also delivers better uptime for both models via less maintenance time and an expanded AdBlue supply network, which is a safe-to-use diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with SCR technology to reduce harmful gases from being released into the atmosphere. Most importantly, a cleaner and more robust engine configuration with lower sensitivity to sulfur content in fuel leads to a longer engine life and contributes to a better environment. The truck is fitted with innovative UD Telematics – a high-tech wireless communications system, which allows transportation companies to maximise efficiency with real-time vehicle tracking and geo-fencing.

The Quester provides the ultimate comfort and experience for the driver with a new steering wheel and improved seat. The new range of Quester and Croner trucks, both Euro 5 and Euro 3, features a new instrument cluster with real-time fuel coaching. This enhancement provides the driver with immediate and specific feedback on driving techniques that are more fuel efficient.

Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks Middle East, East and North Africa, said: “In the rapidly-changing trucks industry, launching the Euro 5 trucks is a core focus for UD Trucks. The Quester and Croner Euro 5 models reflect UD Trucks’ ‘Better Life’ commitment. The launch is another example of offering optimum support for our customers as we make sure they are ready for any new regulations in such a fast-growing region.”

At launch, the new Euro 5 models will be available in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. At the same time, regional markets such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Iraq, and others will benefit from new, improved versions of the Euro 3 Quester and Croner models.

These new Euro 3 models will also enjoy a number of upgrades and improvements to offer a more driver-focused and environmentally-friendly alternative, while ensuring optimum profitability for customers around the region. Other than the engines, the Euro 3 trucks receive the same upgrades as the Euro 5 models, such as the new instrument cluster, ESCOT automated manual transmission feature, fuel coaching system, body builder module, and the UD Trucks Telematics Services.

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