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Turkish Cargo improvises its cargo flight network

Turkish Cargo adds Kuala Lumpur and Ahmedabad to its cargo flight network.

The fastest growing global air cargo brand Turkish Cargo continues to expand its cargo flight network. The successful air cargo carrier has added Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and the western Indian city of Ahmedabad (AMD) among the destinations to which it performs direct cargo flights.

The new addition to the flight network of the flag carrier’s air cargo brand, Kuala Lumpur is both cultural and financial capital of Malaysia, boasting a considerable import and export potential. The aim here is to carry electronic products, medical products, and spare parts to all various countries around the world and especially Frankfurt and Amsterdam in Europe and Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston in the United States.

Turkish Cargo plans to perform its Kuala Lumpur flights, which will be operated with Boeing 777F cargo aircraft, on the ISL–KUL–SGN (Ho Chi Minh/Vietnam) route, thus creating a strong import-export line in the region.

Located in western India, Ahmedabad is the biggest city of the State of Gujarat and it has been connected with Doha and Bahrain destinations that possess high import potential. One of the fastest growing cities, Ahmedabad is a considerable pharmaceuticals market.

A holder of IATA CEIV Pharma certificate, which is the global quality standard for pharmaceutical transportation and operating as per the relevant competency criteria, Turkish Cargo aims to become an important air cargo brand for Ahmedabad. The flights will be on the DOH–AMD–ISL and BAH–AMD-ISL routes and they will be operated with Airbus 330F cargo aircraft.

Covering the world with its wide flight network that spans over 300 destinations in 126 countries, Turkish Cargo continues to be the preferred in air cargo transportation by ensuring a sustainable growth with its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet, and specialist teams.

Al FlNo Start End Pattern Orig STD STA   Dest Own A/C
TK 6222 13.Nov.2019 25.Mar.2020 ..3…. ISL 04:00 8:05 DOH TK 33X
TK 6222 13.Nov.2019 25.Mar.2020 ..3…. DOH 10:05 13:15 AMD TK 33X
TK 6223 13.Nov.2019 25.Mar.2020 ..3…. AMD 15:15 21:50 ISL TK 33X


Al FlNo Start End Pattern Orig STD STA   Dest Own A/C
TK 6560 10.Nov.2019 22.Mar.2020 ……7 ISL 02:25 6:15 BAH TK 33X
TK 6560 10.Nov.2019 22.Mar.2020 ……7 BAH 07:45 10:45 AMD TK 33X
TK 6561 10.Nov.2019 22.Mar.2020 ……7 AMD 12:45 19:20 ISL TK 33X


Al FlNo Start End Pattern Orig STD STA   Dest Own A/C
TK 6470 31.Oct.2019 28.Mar.2020 …4.6. ISL 04:20 14:20 KUL TK 77X
TK 6470 31.Oct.2019 28.Mar.2020 …4.6. KUL 16:20 18:05 SGN TK 77X
TK 6471 31.Oct.2019 28.Mar.2020 …4.6. SGN 20:05 7:05 +1 ISL TK 77X


To view the flight schedules and details please visit www.turkishcargo.com.tr, or contact with the call center at +90 850 333 0 777.

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