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Turkish Cargo Has Been Carrying Turkish Rose Products to All Over the World for the Last Half Century

Possessing the world’s strongest cargo flight network and building the trade bridges between continents, Turkish Cargo also contributes greatly to Turkey’s exports. For over the last 60 years, Flag carrier air cargo brand has been carrying the rose products produced in Anatolia’s Lake District and Isparta to various destinations such as the prominent countries in perfume and essence industry like Germany, France, China and United States.

Roses collected during May and June in Isparta and Lake District, considered as the rose garden of the world, are turned into rose oil, *rose oil solid and rose water via special processes. Meeting the 65 percent of the world’s demand for rose oil, Turkey is ideal for growing first class roses when it comes to quality with its favorable climate conditions. Considered as an indispensable raw material of perfume and essence industry, industrial rose products have an export capacity of 10 million euros in Turkey. Meeting one third of this demand, Gülbirlik (Rose, Rose Oil and Oil Seeds Cooperative) conducts 75 percent of its rose oil exports via air cargo.

Gülbirlik General Manager Hasan ÇELİK stated; “Our mission is to further develop rose production, establish logistic and industrial infrastructure in our region and offer it to the international market as part of a national development progress. Currently we are fulfilling that by producing rose oil, rose oil solid, rose water and cosmetic products. Distinguishing themselves with their quality, long shelf life and their wide array of applications in perfume and essence industry, these products are grown on our own soil. We transport our rose products, which are an indispensable part of the world’s perfume and cosmetic sectors, to outside of our borders via Turkish Cargo.

One of the foremost factors of our success story since 1954 is the service quality of Turkish Cargo. The speed and wide capacity of Turkish Cargo provide a great boon for exporters like us.”

Turkish Cargo contributes significantly to the shelf life of Turkish rose products and their entry to new countries with its capabilities offered to manufacturers. Comfortably meeting the demand of the exporters with its wide flight network, Turkish Cargo increasingly continues its contributions to country’s economy with special promotions and offers to exporters.

Turkish Cargo Underlines the Opportunities of Air Cargo with Promotional Videos

Comfortably able to meet any export or import demand from any country in the world, Turkish Cargo tells the story of its cooperation with Turkey’s exporters with promotional videos released for the “#WeProudlyCarry our country’s work over the world” project. Flag carrier brand aims to urge country’s exporters to take advantage of its unparalleled market reach opportunities while detailing how air cargo can be used effectively and timely at reasonable prices with the promotional video project that started last year.

*Rose oil solid is a deep purple, creamy substance obtained from unfermented fresh pink roses using the extraction method.

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