The Foundation Assar Gabrielsson Prize recipients 2023 appointed


The Assar Gabrielsson Foundation has appointed Malin Lindén as the winner in the basic science research category and Aron Onerup as the winner in the clinical research category. The prize recipients are rewarded with SEK 100,000 each as extra research grants, administered by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

“Malin Lindén is awarded the prize in the category basic scientific research for advanced basic scientific studies of human sarcomas from the body’s supporting tissues, and specifically those caused by the highly potent FET family of tumor-specific proteins. The studies provide new understanding of how these types of sarcomas arise. The results may eventually lead to the development of new targeted treatment for patients with these types of sarcomas,” says Eva Forssell-Aronsson, professor at the University of Gothenburg and executive member of the Assar Gabrielsson Foundation.

“Aron Onerup receives the prize in the category clinical research for clinically relevant and well-conducted studies of the effects of so-called prehabilitation prior to surgery of colorectal cancer. The research showed that physical activity before surgery favored recovery after curative cancer surgery for colorectal cancer. The results can lead to a better understanding of how prehabilitation can be carried out in the best way and can also be applied to other forms of cancer,” says Professor Eva Forssell-Aronsson.

Assar Gabrielsson was one of Volvo’s founders. In accordance with his wishes, a fund was established for clinical research of cancer diseases. The fund has existed since 1962. It primarily supports research projects that are considered promising but have not yet reached the weight that provides funding from major research funds.


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