The Acronis Fortress: Fortifying Data Protection and Cybersecurity


Acronis, the premier global cybersecurity company, prides on its wide range of capabilities, which includes signature-based AV, AI-enabled behavioural anti-malware, automated vulnerability scanning and patch management, advanced email security, DLP (data loss prevention), backup and disaster recovery–all managed from a single platform, with a single agent on the endpoint, an official company communique affirmed.

At this year’s Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference 2023 (GISEC), Acronis discussed the cyber threats landscape in the Middle East and provided its vision and recommendations. They discussed their EDR (endpoint detection and response) solutions, which can help detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Additionally, Acronis discussed the adoption of zero-trust networks and architecture in the global market and its relevance to the Middle East.

According to a pre-event Acronis media statement, the company unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world.

With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Acronis provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions. 

Global Supply Chain engaged with a visiting official, Sara M. Pinheiro, Distribution Team Manager MEA / South Asia, Acronis, in an exclusive, wide-ranging one-on-one interview, on the sidelines of GISEC 2023. Sara, a Portuguese national, is presently based in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, (home to one of the company’s R&D Centres), in her current position and spoke expansively on several hot button issues impacting the industry. The following are transcripts of the interview.

Global Supply Chain (GSC): Why is Acronis present at GISEC 2023 and what do you hope to accomplish with your participation?

Sara M. Pinheiro (SMP): The primary goal of Acronis at GISEC 2023 is to reinforce its purpose-driven objective and commitment to cybersecurity and data protection. That is our banner statement, this is how Acronis positions itself and that is what defines us.

Furthermore, here at GISEC 2023, the goals are manifold and as it goes this conference is right up our alley. Through this exhibition medium, we hope to project Acronis as a force to reckon with in the cybersecurity domain given its expertise and experience.

We are here to unfurl our newly developed and effective market-oriented strategies to counter risks and preempt cyber threats with our signature-imprint sophisticated technologies indigenously customized to suit client requirements.

Acronis is here to meet and interface with our existing customers and scout for new opportunities and clientele, to listen to them and their concerns and to offer pointed specific operational solutions. Here, we can also demonstrate our capabilities and skills and efficiently respond to cybersecurity protection strategies and challenges.

We have recently upscaled and supplemented our resources and offerings with new features and additions in the solutions portfolio. We are here to engage with our customers, associates, and stakeholders on how Acronis solutions can avert and head off disastrous consequences of cyber-intrusions while shielding companies and fighting and neutralizing malefic cyber-attacks.

GSC: Talk to us about the cyber threats landscape in the Middle East—how serious are these and expand on the Acronis solutions offered?

SMP: No country or region in the world is immune to cyber threats that know no barriers and boundaries. Like any place on the planet, the Middle East is also vulnerable to cyberattacks. Constant preparedness and capabilities to take countermeasures are key to fighting malicious arracks on computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data.

Fighting cybersecurity can never be about adopting an assembly line or cooker-cutter approach. It is about developing indigenous solutions. The Middle East is a significant and growing region for Acronis and that is why we have designated and designated the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as crucibles for pilot studies and research. Here, we offer a full suite of proprietary solutions as countermeasures to both repel and prevent cyberattacks.

GSC: How significant is the Middle East / GCC for Acronis?

SMP: The Middle East is an important and fast-growing region for Acronis with much promise and potential. The significance of this region is evident from the fact that Acronis, as a responsible and reliable vendor has consolidated and developed a potent network of distributors and Managed Services Providers (MSPs), constituting the backbone of our network of service agents.

We have further fine-tuned our service portfolio with professional client segmentation and investments in improving and upgrading services and capabilities. We are very buoyant about our prospects in the region.

GSC: How is the MSP mechanism imprinting your signature working model and how are you leveraging this to seek market and track record advantages?

SMP: The analogy I want to liken to our relationship with our MSPs is ‘partnership.’ We are on this journey together. We are in this pursuit and endeavour together as partners. We work in synchrony and stay committed whilst staying the course. Like two peas in a pod.

Acronis is a capable and accessible vendor, and we provide value-added and extraordinarily sophisticated solutions to our clients through our cohesive partnership with MSPs.

GSC: What are the opportunities and corresponding challenges for Acronis in the region going forward?

SMP: Cyberattacks are on the upswing in this region as elsewhere. We can substantiate this trend with facts. For example, in the Middle East in January 2023 year, 6% of Acronis-managed computers reported at least one cyberattack; however, in February 2023, just a month later, that number surged to 14%, more than double.

We also noticed that there is also a drift, and an increasing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are also falling prey to cyberattacks. The conventional impression is that only large companies and MNCs are targeted but that tendency is now changing.

So, we are clearly alert and take our responsibilities very seriously. We strive to stay ahead of the competition in the cyberwarfare ecosystem. We build solutions customized and specific for clients based on our interface with them. We heed customer opinions and discussions.

GSC: What role and corporate vision do you perceive for Acronis in the cybersecurity realm going forward?

SMP:  In the not-so-distant past Acronis was seen as primarily a backup company. However, we have since evolved and we are now recognized as a Cloud Backup Solutions company. The Acronis Cloud represents a bulwark for secure backup data and disaster recovery and retrieval.

As a case in point, Acronis Cyber Protect Connect is a remote desktop and monitoring solution that enables MSPs to easily access and manage remote workloads and fix any issues – anytime, anywhere.

We believe our Cyber Protect Cloud can nip ransomware and malicious software in the bud. With our Award-Winning data protection solutions and innovative security features, we provide backup with anti-malware for both homes and businesses and complete cyber protection. For us it is all about offering our customers the Acronis Advantage!


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