Tetra Pak furthers progress on sustainability


Invests US$ 32.1mn to accelerate collection and recycling of beverage cartons

Tetra Pak recently published its Sustainability Report FY22, highlighting the company’s progress across various aspects of sustainability.

During the year 2022, Tetra Pak achieved significant milestones globally, reducing operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 39%, with 84% of the energy coming from renewable sources. This puts the company on track to achieve net zero within its own operations by 2030.

Additionally, the sale of 8.8 billion plant-based packages and 11.9 billion plant-based caps translated into 131 kilo tonnes of carbon dioxide savings.


Tetra Pak also invested nearly €30mn (US$ 32.1mn) to accelerate collection and recycling of beverage cartons, while working with food technology incubators and start-ups to explore the future of sustainable food.

Regionally, Tetra Pak continues to invest in the infrastructure required to boost sustainability across Arabia Area. Working in partnership with local governments, the private sector and NGOs, the company is leading the way towards a circular economy in the region.

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, significant partnerships have been signed with local recycling partners and school programs are being implemented to raise awareness among children around recycling habits. In addition, Tetra Pak has signed several MoUs with the Saudi Government and has entered discussions and engagements with waste management companies and collectors to increase collection of carton packages across the Kingdom.

“Tetra Pak’s commitment to Arabia Area as well as recognition of its significance and potential, are reflected through the high efforts that are being put in to build a strong infrastructure that will support achieving Net Zero and enhance recycling capabilities throughout the Arabian region,” affirmed Hougaard, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Arabia Area.


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