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Sustainable partners with Efate to recycle Toxic waste

  • The 24-hour e-Waste drop-off station in The Sustainable City, created by EFATE, will provide a free and efficient e-waste management system for the community and the general public.
  • The initiative successfully collected 1.5 kilos of e-waste in the first week.
  • The materials collected in working conditions will be donated to charity. EFATE will also attempt to refurbish and repair the possible items and hand them out to people from socially disadvantaged groups.

Ensuring a smart solution for one of the most complex threats that the environment is facing, The Sustainable City (TSC), the Middle East’s first fully-operational sustainable community, has introduced a new electronic waste (e-waste) collection and management solutions for the community. The 24-Hour e-Waste drop-off station, created in collaboration with EFATE, will provide a free and efficient e-waste management solution to residents and the general public.

EFATE, UAE Based e-waste Management Company, has installed a container that is specialized in recycling and providing smart waste solutions inside the TSC, closer to the main entrance. Residents and the public can drop their e-waste at this station, where it will be collected and taken to a recycling facility and separated. Useful components that contain raw materials will be reused in manufacturing new products and useless parts will be crushed without causing any harmful emissions.

Recyclable e-waste including laptops, printers, tablets, mobile phones, CPUs, TVs, stereos, and other electronic items will be collected at the station. EFATE also offers free pick-up for large electronic items.

Not only recycling, but the drop-off station will also ensure the right re-use of the collected e-waste. After the sorting process in the waste processing facility, the electronics in working condition will be donated to charity. EFATE will also attempt to refurbish and repair the possible items and hand them out for free to those who come from socially disadvantaged groups.

Faris Saeed, CEO, and co-founder of Diamond Developers said: “In the past years, the level of electronic waste has seen an unprecedented increase. The world now discards approximately 50 million tonnes of e-waste per year and it’s a scary fact that only 20% of this is recycled properly! As a responsible society, we need to identify better methods and means of not just disposing of the e-waste but, most importantly, reusing and recycling it. The partnership with EFATE is one step towards this direction. We encourage everyone, not only our residents and neighbors, to come and drop off their unused and unwanted electronic items at this drop-off station so that we can divert that waste from landfill and make important strides in our mission towards a cleaner future.”

Mohammed Al Hammadi, CEO of EFATE Said: “We follow the best practices in waste management and collection. And with the support of e-waste data, we spread awareness among our customers about the deeper impact that improper management of e-waste has on our environment. We are so proud to partner and share our vision of a greener future with a benchmark project like The Sustainable City.”

The new facility is a part of TSC’s continuous efforts to shape a brighter, cleaner, and greener Dubai. And by partnering with EFATE, a local company established by young Emiratis, TSC also underlines its commitment to support local small business ideas, especially the ones contributing to Sustainability.

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