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Sohar Port successfully prepares for safety management

SOHAR Port and Freezone in coordination with the Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) conducted its annual emergency response field exercise. Held in collaboration with Safety Region Rotterdam, the Port’s strategic partner for safety management, and SOHAR’s Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), the teams simulated a life-like emergency scenario at the Hutchison Ports terminal. Emergency response teams from companies in the Port including OQ, Vale, SIUCI, OMC and Jindal Shadeed participated to ensure that they know how to respond quickly and effectively to any crisis or incident and are able to work together using the mutual aid system. The various scenarios comprised of a fire combined with a release of hazardous materials. Both were successfully handled by the specialized teams and in fact demonstrated a high level of readiness.

Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port, said, “Several of the tenants within SOHAR Port and Freezone provide their own emergency response fire and ambulance team to manage crisis and incidents. By engaging them with all along with PACDA in regular training exercises, we know that the same comprehensive protocols are followed throughout the site.”

He added, “ We are confident knowing that the teams have been trained, understand the science behind our actions, have the skills to prevent injury and damage to assets in addition to protect the environment. The guidance received and lessons learned during these exercises allows us to update our safety protocols in accordance with best international HSSE practices and prepare teams to respond when called upon.”

Continuing to prioritize and promote a culture of safe and socially responsible business practices, SOHAR Port and Freezone’s Emergency Response strategy outlines procedures that are designed to provide the immediate prepared response for multiple scenarios. Having made giant strides in ensuring a safe working climate, the port continues to employ innovative, world-class solutions to resolve complex challenges and manage incidents in a time critical manner, factoring in the port’s potential risk profile, foreseeing its occurrence and responding effectively to mitigate all risks to persons and property.

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