Software-driven supply chain solutions powering EPG growth momentum


EPG’s proprietary Supply Chain Execution Suite (EPG ONE) is in the vanguard of enabling Smarter Connected Logistics

Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG), of which Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions (EPS) is an integral subsidiary, is the embodiment of an exemplary company’s success story. By the company’s own admission and in its own words, the consistent alignment with customer needs and demands coupled with the highly developed and the sophisticated, premier EPG ONE™ supply chain execution suite, is the surefire recipe for success.

Meanwhile, the company continues to thrive and monitor current market demands. A combination of well-ingrained corporate characteristics including ingenuity, a passion for innovation and commitment for in-house developed, targeted software solutions alongside successful application, implementation and effective monitoring is boosting EPG’s reputation, revenues and performance not only in the region but globally, as Global Supply Chain found out in a recent visit to the company’s office and facility in DWC-Dubai Logistics City and an exclusive interview with Dr. Makrem Kadachi, General Manager GCC, Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC LLC.

The Ehrhardt + Partner Group is a leading international innovator and operator in supply chain and logistics. With extensive experience in more than 700 successful logistics centres all over the world, the company’s interdisciplinary engineering teams realize investment and future-proof solutions for clients around the globe.

To get the lowdown on the latest updates and performance, Global Supply Chain journeyed to Dubai South for an exclusive, one-to-one interview with Dr. Makrem Kadachi, General Manager, Erhardt + Partner Solutions GCC. The following are excerpts from that meeting.

Global Supply Chain (GSC): Give us a brief thumbnail profile of Erhardt+Partner Solutions and the company’s origins in the Middle East?

Dr. Makrem Kadachi (MK): I would like to point out at the very outset that EPG is a very R&D centric and solutions-oriented company with extensive expertise and importantly experience in developing and implementing in-house and independently developed supply chain software for our customers across the globe.

We are very customer-focused and offer tailored software solutions that best meet the requirements and expectations of our clients and ensure streamlined operational efficiencies.

Ehrhardt Partner GROUP has enjoyed a long presence in the Middle East. We established an independent, stand-alone, full-service office with comprehensive facilities in Dubai in 2006 and have the distinction of being the first tenant in Dubai Logistics City. 

Currently EPG employs over 800 in 22 locations globally. We presently serve 1600 customers drawn from multiple industries. Our interdisciplinary engineering teams have capabilities to realize investment and future-proof solutions along the supply chain execution.

GSC: What are your core activities of Erhardt + Partner Solutions DWC and what industry verticals do you cover?

MK: We offer our growing clientele emanating from a variety of industry verticals with a vast array of software technology solutions including WMS (Warehouse Management Software), TMS (Transportation Management Software), and Voice solutions to empower and optimize logistics processes.

EPS’ other applications and software offerings include WCS (Warehouse Control Systems), WFM (Workforce Management), , Dock & Yard Management Software (DOCK), Contract & Billing (CnB), International Shipping System (ISS) and EPG ONE APP (Digital workflow designer).

EPG solutions cover the entire scale of the supply chain—from warehouse, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and road to ground and cargo handling solutions at airports.

GSC: What sets EPG apart? What are your core brand strengths and how are you leveraging these capabilities to increase your market share in the region?

MK: Our core strengths are our human resources twinned alongside our sophisticated technology solutions. Our employees are fully trained and adept with understanding customer demands and needs and initiating adaptable, implementable and demonstrable solutions?

The technological research and consulting firmGartner has clearly put its seal of approval for EPG characterizing ‘WMS as a sophisticated and proven solution offering a whole host of different functionalities that can be scaled up to handle even highly complex warehouse environments, including highly automated warehouses.’

Our technologies are very advanced, the most modern and meet the highest quality industry standards and benchmarks. Our employees are highly qualified, much experienced and both involved and committed.

Furthermore, our software technology, developed entirely in-house, is proprietary and bears the EPG imprint and signature. Our suite is protected by IP (Intellectual Property) statutes and protocols.

From an implementation perspective, our experts both institute and monitor the rollout of software to ensure oversight and its appropriate enforcement. 

Our ‘best practices’ offering of solutions is comprehensive . Additionally, we offer logistics consulting, cloud services, managed services and logistics courses at the company’s own academy.

GSC: How significant is the Middle East for EPG?

MK: The Middle East is a very important geographical region for EPS. This expanse also includes the continent of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Our performance in this progressive region has been exemplary and we have also been instrumental in assisting other geographies in software development.

GSC: How did EPG fare in 2022 and what is the outlook for 2023 in the Middle East?

MK: The year 2022 was a very good year for EPGin this region. Being a privately owned Group, I am not able to reveal figures, but suffice to say our performance in 2022 was extraordinary and we closed strong.

Continuing in this vein, EPG holds a positive outlook for 2023 and we resolve to maintain the momentum in 2023 and surpass targets and meet expectations.

GSC: What are you expansion plans for the region?

MK: EPG has performed well in this region and both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are demonstrating a lot of promise and potential.

We are rapidly expanding in the Kingdom and consistent with the strategy and ambitions of Saudi Vision 2030, our prospects there are very encouraging, and we are excited about the future. Saudi Arabia will be the subject of our focused attention in 2023.

We are also performing well in the UAE, our regional home base, and we are optimistic about growth in the forthcoming months.  

I am also delighted to point out that EPG has now expanded into the continent of Australia, and we now have full-fledged operations in the country.


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