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SkyPallet enhances processes at Air Europa Cargo

Air Europa Cargo recently came across SkyPallet whilst actively looking to address a pain point in one of its hubs; the airline is already feeling the benefits and looking to expand its use across its business.

Easy, intuitive, and customizable are the three words that Air Europa’s Head of Cargo, Jordi Piqué, spontaneously comes up with when asked how he would describe working with SkyPallet. The airline opted for Wiremind Cargo’s flagship end-to-end capacity optimization product earlier this year, with a view to improving its flight planning processes in the warehouse and with its Global Handling Agent (GHA).

Air Europa Cargo discovered SkyPallet as a possible solution to optimization issues at one of its hubs. Given its intuitive, straightforward application, SkyPallet quickly became a welcome and integral part of daily operations within the warehouse and the GHA’s processes. SkyPallet’s comprehensive algorithms not only facilitate ULD build-up, but also enable greater capacity control, more efficient capacity usage, as well as anticipate key information relevant to issuing quotations to freight forwarders. Though Air Europa Cargo’s primary objective with SkyPallet was to improve its operations, its commercial teams are also now increasingly using the software to support their quotation decisions.

Though it is still too early to be able to draw on consolidated data to prove Air Europa Cargo’s success since using SkyPallet, the airline’s impression is that the software has already brought resource-efficiencies. Air Europa’s independent cargo subsidiary, founded in 2018, has systematically been looking to streamline existing processes and establish a strong and resilient cargo foundation. Digital solutions play a core role.

“Air Europa Cargo can look forward to around an average 4% improvement in its capacity utilization, as a Wiremind Cargo survey of other airlines and freight forwarding companies using SkyPallet, found,” says Nathanaël de Tarade, Chief Executive Officer of Wiremind Cargo. “We enjoy working together with Air Europa Cargo, as they have come up with ideas to make SkyPallet even easier for operational staff when applying the build-up plan. Our products grow through application and new perspectives, and we gladly adapt and enhance accordingly. The best digital solutions are those that adapt to changing requirements.”

Jordi Piqué agrees: “Wiremind Cargo’s flexibility, willingness, and speed in adapting the system to our requirements, is reflected in the carefully crafted solutions it produces. It clearly has the expertise and always puts the customer first – not only when it comes to online user experience, but also offline collaboration. Wiremind Cargo is always on hand when we need it.”

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