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Shipsy goes bullish on SA

Shipsy to go bullish on Saudi Arabia’s US$ 13bn Warehousing Market

Acquires Stockone, a cloud-based specialist WMS

Shipsy, a leading SaaS-based AI-powered supply chain orchestration and execution platform provider, recently highlighted its plan to go bullish with its Warehouse Management System (WMS) offering in the GCC and KSA region.

In October last year, Shipsy acquired Stockone, a cloud-based WMS that specialises in enabling manufacturers, pharmaceutical businesses, retailers, and eCommerce companies to scale fulfilment operations, manage compliance, gain real-time inventory visibility, boost workforce productivity, and enhance customer experience.

“Adding a WMS to our core offering now makes it possible for businesses in GCC and KSA to experience the power of a fully integrated fulfilment and logistics platform. Enterprises can drive comprehensive logistics optimisation, supply chain management, and seamless fulfilment to ensure cost-efficient, compliant, agile and customer-centric supply chain operations,” stressed Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipsy.

Investment-intensive systems

The WMS market is dominated by legacy and investment-intensive systems. Shipsy’s WMS deployments in APAC are already establishing the company as a new-age agile player in the segment with rapid and economical go-live.

Fast implementation, seamless integration with Shipsy and other TMS platforms, robust adherence to compliance standards, ensuring high levels of inventory accuracy and visibility, and boosting warehouse productivity are driving the rapid adoption of Shipsy WMS, according to a press statement.

Strategic position

KSA’s strategic position as a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa enhances its appeal as a crucial trade hub. The nation is vigorously fostering foreign trade and industrialisation, drawing global firms to establish manufacturing and distribution centres.

Consequently, there is a growing need for warehousing and transportation services to bolster import, export, and domestic supply chains. Hence, a completely integrated warehouse and transportation management platform will play a pivotal role in enhancing warehouse operations, improving shipment visibility, enhancing multi-carrier operations and optimising logistics costs.

Lucrative opportunity

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the Saudi Arabia warehousing market is expected to reach US$ 13,214.96bn by 2030, growing with a substantial CAGR of 4.5% from 2023 to 2030.

To tap into this lucrative opportunity and boost local presence, Shipsy has rigorously onboard top local talent at its regional headquarters in Riyadh.

The Gulf has been instrumental in the company’s growth trajectory, contributing 35% of its overall revenue. Shipsy has also been expanding its advisory board in the GCC to empower businesses to better navigate economic, geopolitical, and environmental disruptions and deliver on evolving customer demands.

Shipsy also onboarded Peter Somers, the former CEO of Emirates Post and Bpost and currently the Group CEO of Bob Eco Group, as an advisor for the region.

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