Riyadh Air selects AMOS


AMOS Operational Services to support their digital leadership sustainability goals

Swiss-AS has announced the signing of a strategic agreement with the emerging Saudi Arabian airline Riyadh Air, for the implementation of our Aviation Maintenance and Engineering software solution AMOS.

As a national carrier, Riyadh Air will play a significant role in promoting Saudi Arabia’s economic and cultural interests globally, aiding in the development of Riyadh as a major destination in the Middle East.

The signing ceremony took place in Dubai, with representatives from both Riyadh Air and Swiss-AS present to celebrate the occasion after their extraordinary debut at the recently concluded Dubai Airshow 2023.

AMOS as a best-in-class solution

The selection of AMOS follows a rigorous and meticulous evaluation, which positioned AMOS as the comprehensive software solution that will seamlessly integrate with Riyadh Air’s evolving ecosystem IT systems landscape.

AMOS is planned to closely integrate with the carriers’ digital initiatives to reach its sustainability goals. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Riyadh Air’s commitment to optimise its maintenance operations from the very start, with the goal of achieving the highest overall efficiency through AMOS.

AMOS will be covering all aspects of the maintenance, engineering, and logistics processes required by airlines, and the software’s modular structure will provide Riyadh Air with a tailored and scalable system

AMOS in the Cloud

In line with Riyadh Air’s vision to be ‘digital native’ and its ambitious sustainability goals, the airline has opted for the full Hosting in the Cloud service package, including AMOS Operational Services (AOS). This strategic decision aligns with Riyadh Air’s commitment to becoming a digital leader in the industry.

The Cloud-based approach ensures seamless updates, reduces infrastructure costs, and fosters a dynamic digital environment.

“AMOS provides us a strong solution to deliver reliable operational efficiencies and ensuing guest satisfaction,” commented Peter Bellew, Chief Operating Officer, Riyadh Air.

“Riyadh Air not only reaffirms its dedication to industry leadership but also showcases a strategic embrace of state-of-the-art technology that aligns perfectly with our mutual vision for the future of air travel,” remarked Fabiano Faccoli, CEO, Swiss AviationSoftware.


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