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Order Picking solutions suited for the Middle East

A host of issues and developments—globalization, pandemic-related business disruptions, rapidly evolving customer expectations and the quick shift into e-commerce have reinforced the need for SME’s in the region to be more agile, accurate and economic in the way they handle intralogistics and order fulfillments. The immediate need therefore for efficient, automated warehouse and distribution solutions has never been so critical or dire.

Since the onset of the pandemic, e-commerce sales have skyrocketed and put a substantial pressure on warehouse operators. Inventory requirements as well as lead times have increased, new safety guidelines and a lack of space has severely impacted businesses and have prevented them from satisfying customer needs efficiently.

In order to successfully navigate complex warehouse challenges, ACME understands that the intralogistics infrastructures of businesses need to be flexible, scalable and yet provide quick ROI.

ACME with its partners Kardex Remstar and Optimus Sorters brings a wide range of solutions to the region that addresses these needs. The solutions provided assist in the following four key areas:

  • Partial Automation.
  • Scalability
  • Improved material flow.
  • Easy adaption to existing warehouse racking infrastructure.

Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module LR35 with ‘Frame Pick’ picking solution

The stand-alone modular Kardex LR35 stores and picks small parts quickly and efficiently and can be easily connected to existing multilevel shelving systems that a customer has already within his facility. ACME’s solution design team can design a flexible solution incorporating the LR35 within existing warehouses without the need for purpose-built warehouses.

Key benefits of Kardex LR 35

  • Easy adaption within existing warehouse infrastructure such as multilevel shelving.
  • Flexible system that can be configured with multiple options and several access openings.
  • Provides for 99.9% pick accuracy and increased operator performance.

The LR35 in combination with the Frame Pick Solution flawlessly manages a wide range of goods, numerous order lines and fluctuating order demands. The Frame Pick solution substantially reduces labour costs, helps with quick manpower on-boarding with limited training requirements as well as reduces searching and travel time between aisles.

Based on the product types and nature of business, the team at ACME can configure multiple units of LR35 in series, limiting walking distance to within 12 metres.

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP with flexible picking solutions.

The Kardex Shuttle XP stores a wide range of goods allowing access to various weights and sizes while substantially reducing space and manpower requirements.

Key benefits of Kardex Shuttle XP

  • 9% pick accuracy, 67% manpower reduction, 85% floor space savings.
  • Ideal for managing wide range of products and can be configured with lower travel speeds for sensitive articles.

Colour picking using Shuttle XP

Colour picking adds coloured lights into the batch picking process allowing multiple operators to pick within one work zone. The Shuttle XP along with colour picking is highly economical and provides an ROI in less than two years.

It also provides for the physical distancing requirements mandated in current times and is ideal for managing fluctuating, unpredictable demands that is common to businesses in the Middle East.

Display LED Picking assistant for the Shuttle XP

The display LED-Navigator for the Shuttle XP works as a picking assistance system that provides event related information to the operator at the exact moment and thereby increasing picking performance and substantially increasing picking accuracy.

Optimus Sortation Solutions

ACME brings Optimus Sorter solutions to the Middle East. The OptiSorter is designed for sorting a large range of different products. The OptiSorter is capable of sorting products such as garments, shoes, accessories, post, multimedia, cartons, jiffy bags and more.

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