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One Click grows supporting businesses during the COVID-19


One Click Delivery Services grows, supporting businesses and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

As most retail stores are temporarily closing and restaurants are decreasing their walk-in capacity, outlets are forced to adjust their business model by turning to deliveries, in order to maintain a revenue stream during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entities such as One Click Delivery Services – one of the fastest growing regional technology companies specializing in delivery – is currently experiencing a sharp spike in demand for fleet and fleet software management in order to respond to their client’s high demand of food and groceries orders.

“We are experiencing an unusual surge of demand on our fleet and digital solutions by our existing and new partners. We are honored to take on the responsibility of helping companies maintain business activity. More importantly, from a public health standpoint, all citizens’ essentials are delivered to their doorstep while they keep themselves and their families safe.” Hassan Hallas, CEO and co-founder of One Click Delivery Services

Since isolation and social distancing have become crucial, companies such as One Click Delivery Services are striving to keep the economy going. Currently offering technology solutions and fleet to some of the largest F&B and e-commerce names in the market, One Click Delivery Services has now increased its fleet capacity by 14% since the beginning of March 2020 and taken on multiple new clients across all industries.

With deliveries of groceries, food, drugstore products, e-commerce, courier, banking and telecom; One Click Delivery Services reaches a wide customer base and caters to most needs.

“It is important to remain as positive and proactive as possible during this challenging period, which is why we intend on going above and beyond to support our clients, to avoid them experiencing the financial impact of having to stop or ‘slow down’.” Ayush Khatri, Corporate Strategy Director at One Click Delivery Services

As customers’ and employees’ well-being becomes a top priority, One Click Delivery Services has implemented stringent hygiene protocols in line with the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs to avoid contamination. Some of the measures taken include obliging fleet drivers and riders to wear gloves and masks – and changing them multiple times throughout the day – continuous sanitization of hands as well as deep cleaning of cars, vans and motorbikes.

In addition to hygiene protocols, One Click Delivery Services now strictly deliver goods through the ‘knock-and-drop’ method – meaning that drivers knock on the customer’s door and drop off the package, taking several steps back in order to avoid any contact with the customer. Fleet riders and drivers are instructed to handle packages from certain angles, to avoid the overlapping of hand placement on them with customers. One Click Delivery Services’ hygiene measures are constantly revisited as public health remains a critical priority.

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