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Moglix accelerates supply chain in ME

Moglix accelerates supply chain growth in Middle East with advanced B2B eCommerce and procurement solutions

· B2B eCommerce market in the MENA region is forecasted to reach USD 2,293 billion by 2030

· Moglix’s end-to-end procurement solutions, with the largest E-catalogue in the UAE and a growing network of physical warehouses, are strategically positioned to meet the evolving procurement needs in the region

· Moglix aims to further cement its position in the UAE market to capitalize on the projected surge in the country’s eCommerce sector.

Dubai, April 18, 2024:

Moglix, a global leader in the B2B eCommerce and procurement sector, is spearheading digital transformation in the Middle East and GCC region by accelerating procurement and supply chain efficiency through its tech-first approach. Moglix’s offerings drive efficiency in procurement management, as well as enabling cost reduction and seamless supply chain operations for the manufacturing sector.

In line with its steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, Moglix’s comprehensive innovative solutions of over 40 product categories are tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses amidst the rapid expansion of the B2B eCommerce and procurement sector in the UAE.

Projections indicate significant growth in the B2B eCommerce market, with the MENA region expected to reach USD 2,293 billion by 2030. Additionally, the UAE’s eCommerce market is set to surge from USD 5.5 billion in 2024 to an astonishing USD 8 billion by 2026, making it an incredibly lucrative market for Moglix to further expand its operations and establish a strong presence. By leveraging innovative solutions that optimise scalability for cost-effectiveness, the

company integrates technology, infrastructure, and local teams to deliver enhanced value while raising awareness about the advantages of technology in procurement.

Piyush Malviya, Vice President and Head of MEA at Moglix said: “Since early 2020, the Great Supply Chain Disruption has reinforced the need for enhanced visibility, and at Moglix, our end-to-end procurement solution, featuring an intuitive e-catalog based buying model, robust data management, and advanced analytics empowers businesses to proactively tackle disruptions from natural disasters or geopolitical challenges. Our customised digital solutions optimize efficiencies across diverse industrial segments, from manufacturing to hospitality, supporting infrastructural development for the GCC region”

With its expansive network of 40 warehouses globally, Moglix recognises the critical role of physical infrastructure and efficient supply chain management in catalysing last-mile operations. Through its tie-ups with leading logistics firms from around the globe, the company strives to enhance customer experiences, by facilitating all-around supply chain visibility and tracking for larger players, while optimising customer support and efficiency for smaller businesses.

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