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Kuwait Int’l Hydrogen Tech Symposium

Transforming Energy: The Inaugural Kuwait International Hydrogen Technology Symposium Spotlights Global Path to Carbon Neutrality

Industry Leaders Ignite Discussions: Spotlight on the Advancements in Hydrogen Technology

The Arab Association of Energy Professionals (AEP) is delighted to organize the inaugural Kuwait International Hydrogen Technology Symposium, themed, ‘The Kuwait Hydrogen Outlook from Vision to Action. This grand two-day event will take place from March 5-6, 2024, at the prestigious Hilton Resort Hotel in Kuwait City. Given the growing need for a sustainable and low-carbon future, the symposium emphasizes the transformative potential of Hydrogen energy and Kuwait’s burgeoning role in producing blue and green Hydrogen. The World, now more than ever, is calling for a revolutionary shift in energy generation, affordability, and security, wherein Hydrogen will play a critical role. The event will strategically highlight Kuwait’s path to becoming a global Hydrogen hub, emphasizing the extensive resources the country possesses and its comprehensive initiatives towards achieving a net-zero economy. “In 2020, the production of hydrogen in Kuwait accounted for 2% of the world’s total output. However, with the forthcoming advancements in technology and government backing, it is predicted that Kuwait has the potential to contribute significantly to the world’s hydrogen market. As the co-chairs of the Executive Committee for the 1st Kuwait International Hydrogen Technology Symposium, we are both eager and proud to see Kuwait stepping up to spearhead discussions around one of the most promising energy alternatives of the 21st century, hydrogen. The Symposium’s theme, ‘The Kuwait Hydrogen Outlook from Vision to Action,’ aptly captures the trajectory of Kuwait’s intent to embrace a future driven by green, clean energy sources,” said the Executive Committee Co-Chair, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Manager (Production and Projects – GAS), Kuwait Oil Company & Executive Committee Co-Chair, Peter Jensen, ETSA Contract Manager North Kuwaiti Jurassic Gas, Shell The co-chairs added “As we look forward to the impact and benefits of hydrogen technology, we are reminded that success can only be achieved through progressive vision coupled with

immediate, determined action. This Symposium seeks to stimulate discussion and drive both collaboration and action. Our vision for Kuwait is a nation empowered by Sustainable Energy, driving an energy transformation to enhance economic diversification, job creation, and sustainability. The transition to hydrogen isn’t just an opportunity for Kuwait but a commitment towards building a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Top-ranking executives from Kuwait Oil Company and Shell, along with esteemed members from the Hydrogen sector, constitute the program committee that orchestrates the symposium. This symposium provides an invaluable platform to partake in discussions defining the future of energy, said the Co-Chair of the Executive Committee and Manager (Production and Projects – GAS), Kuwait Oil Company.

GulfCryo, the leading provider of industrial and medical gases in the Middle East, has come forward as a lead sponsor for the symposium, marking its commitment towards energy diversification and supporting the shift towards Hydrogen as a viable energy alternative. Their participation demonstrates their active role in propelling the Hydrogen industry’s growth in the GCC region and strengthening Kuwait’s standing as a future major player in this sector.

Delegates and industry thought-leaders from across the globe will assemble to address crucial aspects related to the future of Hydrogen. Participants can anticipate incisive dialogues on an array of topics such as Hydrogen potential markets and applications, technology selection, associated risks and opportunities, and effective Hydrogen transportation and export strategies. This ground-breaking event promises exclusive insights and education on the latest advancements and trends from industry leaders. Organized under the umbrella of the AEP, this symposium exemplifies the association’s ongoing commitment to connecting professionals across the energy industry, offering platforms that spark conversations to address significant industry challenges. This event aims to provide an engaging space to gain knowledge and encourage productive collaboration, says the ETSA Contract Manager of North Kuwaiti Jurassic Gas, Shell. The Kuwait Hydrogen Outlook Symposium embodies an invitation to global change-makers and visionaries in the Hydrogen industry. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to participate in Kuwait’s journey towards sustainable growth and progress. More details about the symposium can be found on https://kuwait-hydrogen.com/ and https://a-ep.org/.

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