Kearney Announces Launch of Supply Chain Institute


New Institute to generate strategic insights that help global business leaders integrate fragmented operational efforts and transform their supply chains

Institute to draw on expertise of leading supply chain experts at global consulting firm

With interest in supply chain resilience and excellence at an all-time high, leading global management consulting firm Kearney was pleased to announce today the formation of the new Kearney Supply Chain Institute. The Institute adds to Kearney’s legacy as the pioneering management consulting firm in the operations and supply chain space.

“Understandably, supply chains have been a regular topic of discussion in the news and top of mind for executives over the past few years,” said Kearney associate partner Rupal Deshmukh, a supply chain expert who will serve as the global lead for the Institute. “Supply chain excellence has long been critical to business success, and now more than ever there is a strong need for agile end-to-end supply chains to avoid disruption and supply shocks while ensuring that product gets to market in a timely fashion. We look forward to the Kearney Supply Chain Institute being a valuable partner to businesses seeking to navigate these challenges.”

“Kearney has a proud history as the global leader in supply chain consulting, and we remain on the leading edge in an age where human intelligence, AI, and automation are combining to create supply chains that power growth, control costs, improve resilience, and enhance sustainability,” added Kearney partner Suketu Gandhi, global lead of the firm’s operations and performance practice. “The Institute will help us to place new emphasis on our position as the authority on supply chain foresights and leading operational practices by generating critical strategic insights for global business leaders.”

The Kearney Supply Chain Institute will help to promote the firm’s legacy operations studies and competitions, including the annual Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP), Global Factory of the Year competition, Reshoring Index report, and State of Logistics Report. Additionally, the Institute will highlight Kearney’s latest operations and supply chain content, such as a new study conducted in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that surveyed more than 100 executives from large organizations. This study, “Optimism in operations: why COOs are the key to corporate regeneration,” reveals that forward-thinking COOs are setting their sights on making operations more resilient, investing in innovation and sustainability, and building groundbreaking partnerships with their suppliers.

Kearney will also use the Institute to promote efforts like our work with the World Economic Forum, which led to the creation of The Resiliency Compass, a framework companies use to assess their value chain resilience across eight key dimensions. Moreover, the Institute will partner with Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council, which translates macro insights at the market, sector, and firm level to improve strategic planning and performance.

A newly formed board of advisors from outside of the firm will help to ensure that the Kearney Supply Chain Institute focuses on the most critical and timely topic areas. 

To learn more about the Kearney Supply Chain Institute, visit:


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