It’s Global or nothing in the world of GSAs


As a household name in the industry, Global GSA Group has never been so active.  With a new office in Greece and having acquired three companies in Italy this year, the GSA is demonstrating how its extreme flexibility, extensive local expertise and highly engaged workforce are driving its success.

True to the company’s motto “Making the impossible possible!”, the Global GSA Group’s team distinguishes itself not only by its dedication and passion but also by its access to the right network locally. “We are currently present worldwide with a team of energetic, reliable and experienced professionals with the highest standard of expertise, which we have been perfecting since our beginnings. This constitutes a real strength and a substantial asset to our partner airlines’ business.” says Ismail Durmaz, Chief Executive Officer.

Founded in 1995, Global GSA Group was able to adapt to the industry’s constant evolutions, including digital transformation to become a forerunner in the world of GSAs. This agility enabled it to successfully support its clients in particularly difficult periods such as the Covid pandemic and beyond. By exceeding clients’ expectations during those troubled times, Global GSA Group proved it has what it takes to tackle any challenging situation.

Aytekin Saray, Chief Commercial Officer explains: “Although the last few years have been a testing time for airlines, we proved that we were a reliable partner. Thanks to our strong local ties, we managed to supply them with regular market information, enabling them to always be a step ahead and to adapt their strategy accordingly.”

Today, Global GSA Group boasts 74 offices in 46 countries, represents 62 airlines and ranks in the top 5 GSAs worldwide. Always seeking to conquer new territories, it is planning to further expand its presence worldwide, with a focus on the South America and Southeast Asia regions.

As Global GSA Group continues its rising curve in an increasingly tense climate, 2023 clearly promises to be the year it unleashes the true lion inside it, reinforcing its unique position on the market as the ideal committed partner with solid solutions.


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