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Isydora: Story behind our brand name debunked

We always get so many questions about what Isydora means and where did it come from. That is why we decided to dedicate a very special blog post to this topic to stop all the guesses out there once and for all.

The Isydora brand is built around an inseparable duo, two founders who are bonded in a very special way; they are mother and daughter.

Iris, the mother, who is a fashion designer and a strong enthusiast of “patchwork” sewing techniques, was the first initiator towards the establishment of the brand. Back in the day she creatively utilized her approach to create one-of-a-kind patchwork clothing designs.  After finishing her architectural studies, Lucija came up with the idea for them to start handmaking exclusive bedspreads, which wouldn’t be just that, but also a tale with a very significant message.  Their desire was not to be seen as just another product on the market but rather to establish a profound and sophisticated meaning entitled to each quilt told through story. When the first bedspread was made, they vowed to dedicate a story with a special message to each successive product they create and proudly present it to the world. The stories they write serve as an intangible thread that, like a thin bridge, links the actual with the fictional realm.

Iris Zorko-Founder & Designer mentions “I’ve been designing independently and in collaboration with others for many years. I always drew my inspiration and strenght from those closest to me. My goal is always to create an exclusive designs that will make each individual feel special and unique.”

Lucija Zorko-Co-Founder & CEO said “I am passionate and I love using my skills and knowledge to produce something extraordinary. As graduated architect I know how the smallest of details can make a real impact and as a very detail oriented individual I strive to bring these details together to create the best products and customer experience out there.”

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