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IDEA Academy launch unique education programmes in UAE

IDEA Academy, Malta’s largest private entity for higher education, has launched its first overseas campus in Dubai in collaboration with Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI). The first course from IDEA on Hospitality will start in May 2022 with a batch of 15 students registered for the program.

Dr. Silvio De Bono, Managing Director, IDEA Group and Ing. Vince Maione, Principal, IDEA Academy are in Dubai to formalize an agreement with VCATI Chairman & Founder Mohammed Al-Suwaidi and Managing Director & Accountable Manager- Mahesh Kumar Choudhary.

“Over the past two years, the world has experienced several challenges – unprecedented in modern times – with increased job mobility demanding greater adaptability and more versatile skills. The need for diversification and multidisciplinary education has changed the nature of education and further highlighted the importance of a more holistic and comprehensive supportive genre of academic management. At IDEA, the entire experience is structurally designed to offer impactful learning and development opportunities. We ensure that our teaching process incorporates a high degree of applicability. Our unique curriculum is testimony to our approach.” Said Dr. Silvio De Bono, Managing Director, IDEA Group.

IDEA Academy is a higher educational institution, fully accredited by the Malta Further Higher Education Authority which falls under the Ministry of Education. Malta has a renowned education system, being one of the first countries in Europe to develop a qualification framework that perfectly reflects the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). IDEA Academy’s higher education system also conforms to the Bologna Process.

“Idea’s courses are based on industry intelligence and have been developed so that they attract students who are looking for vocational entries to jobs and professionals from industry who want to move up in their careers. The curriculum planned for our first overseas campus here in Dubai has courses on Finance which includes Anti Money Laundering and on Digital Technology that includes Cryptocurrency. Other courses on Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail and Built Environment address economic demands and cover new trends in these industries. The students will start the courses on the Dubai campus at VCATI and may complete them in Malta so they can take advantage of placement opportunities in Europe.” Said Ing. Vince Maione, Principal, IDEA Academy

“VCATI share our philosophy of training for vocational skill building and are thereby ideal partners for our first venture outside Malta.” He added

“We are excited about this new venture and our collaboration with IDEA Group. VCATI has been delivering vocational courses in Dubai for almost a decade, has attracted more than 40 different nationalities offering students from the UAE, GCC as well as Asia and Africa unique opportunities in aviation. This venture enables us to move further afield into industry. We are inspired by the way the programs are tailored to suit the new world. We will welcome several batches studying different curriculums as we did before emphasizing both academic excellence and industry knowledge.”

“The courses are aligned to meet the requirements of industry professionals as well. We look forward to welcoming professionals from Corporates and government to upscale their skills and learning, stay relevant in today and tomorrow’s fast-paced commercial environment.” said Managing Director & Accountable Manager- Mahesh Kumar Choudhary.

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