HVS Unveils Game-changing All-New Zero-emission Hydrogen-Electric Commercial Vehicle


The All-New Zero-emission Hydrogen-Electric Commercial Vehicle in Lead up to Production of Hydrogen HGV 

  •       Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) is a new UK-based hydrogen vehicle emerging OEM and an innovator in the heavy commercial vehicle segment 
  •       Today HVS takes the wraps off its 5.5-tonne technology demonstrator, developed from initial design to full dynamic prototype in just 10 months, showcasing some of the technology that will power HVS’ HGV 
  •       HVS will launch an all-new zero-emission 40-tonne hydrogen HGV featuring a unique powertrain and radical cab design, making it the first indigenous UK Hydrogen HGV, designed and built from the ground up. 
  •       A reinvention of commercial vehicle design, aimed at optimising range, payload, weight distribution, direct vision, aerodynamics and ergonomically-practical cab design, produces a sector-leading vehicle. 
  •       HVS’ investment partner, EG Group, enables route-to-market through fleet operator connections and infrastructure development via their international refuelling site network 
  •       HGVs are the second largest contributors to UK transport emissions. They make up a disproportionate amount of road transport emissions (18%) whilst only contributing 5% of vehicle mileage. HGV numbers are increasing on the roads, so this emissions figure is likely to increase. 


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