Hellmann helps Hull Foundation with 100K euros


Hellmann helps and Hull Foundation donate 100,000 euros for orphans in Ukraine

To mark the anniversary of “375 Years of Peace in Westphalia”, in mid-2023 the non-profit associations Hellmann helps and the Patsy & Michael Hull Foundation launched a large-scale fundraising campaign with the “Swim for Peace” event on the Hellmann site in Osnabrück. The SWIM FOR PEACE – FUTURE FOR CHILDREN project, which was initiated as part of the event, raised a total of 100,000 euros, which will now be donated to two orphanages in western Ukraine.  

According to SOS Children’s Villages, almost 100,000 children and young people are currently growing up in Ukrainian orphanages, which are increasingly reaching the limits of their capacity due to the ongoing war. The children, who are often traumatized, have usually not only lost their homes, but also their parents and relatives. To help improve their situation, the two associations are using the donations collected to support two needy orphanages in Ukraine: the Bukiv Internatur children’s home and the St. Nicholas House of Mercy in Lviv. The donations will be used to improve the infrastructure in the orphanages and to expand the range of psychological care and learning support. 

“One of our core corporate values is ’Caring‘. This means we want to provide support where it is needed. Children are particularly close to our hearts, especially as they are among those who suffer the most from war. We are therefore delighted to be able to make at least a small contribution to improving the situation in the orphanages in Bukiv and Lviv with the funds raised,” said Anna Halip, board member at Hellmann helps.

“With the Patsy & Michael Hull Foundation and Hellmann helps, two charitable organizations have dedicated themselves to a common cause, and we are very happy that our project SWIM FOR PEACE – FUTURE FOR CHILDREN was so successful. Thanks to the generous support of Hellmann helps, we were even able to round up the donations collected during the event so that we raised an impressive sum,” added Jenny Krogull-Grüter, Managing Director of the Patsy & Michael Hull Foundation.


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