GWC Blood Donation Drive 2023


GWC held its annual blood donation drive on Thursday 14th of September, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate. GWC organises these annual blood donation campaigns to support Qatar’s community and promote the values of social responsibility among its employees.

The drive that was conducted at the company’s logistics hub in Ras Bufontas Free Zone, in association with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). The campaign attracted many donors who came in voluntarily to support the community and appreciate the gift of life. GWC’s Group CEO, Ranjeev Menon, expressed his appreciation for the donors and HMC personnel, stating, “I am extremely proud to witness the spirit of selflessness demonstrated by our team and other donors.

Donating blood is a noble cause, and it plays a critical role in saving lives. The blood donation drive is a key initiative of GWC’s CSR policy and our way of serving the larger community.” “We thank HMC for their efforts in making this drive a success, and for their continued support and innovation in improving the health sector in Qatar.” He added. GWC has been organising blood donation campaigns for more than a decade now and has seen an uptake in the number of participating donors, thus exemplifying the spirit of giving.


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