GROHE X Summit “Caring for Water”: Inspiring talks on the future of living


Nearly 9,500 guests have registered to be a part of the first digital GROHE X Summit

Two keynotes, one panel talk, one masterclass and three fact snacks looked at the question of when we call a place home

Experts and senior GROHE brand representatives shared first-hand insights on trends that are shaping the future of our homes

Keynotes, panel talks, masterclasses and more: during the first GROHE X Summit Under the theme “Caring for Water”, GROHE leadership, experts, researchers and business leaders came together to discuss the numerous social, economic and environmental issues we face today. The three-day event focused on the question of when we call a place home, as well as looking at how our homes have evolved and will evolve in the future. The Summit was packed with unique insights, inspiring conversations and exciting discussions. “Water is the basis of life and our shared passion – and it needs protection, now more than ever”, said Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA, as he welcomed viewers, guests and experts to the GROHE X digital experience hub, where the digital event took place through the 3 days.

The summit welcomed many experts in the field, one of which was Elina Hiltunen, Finnish researcher and advisor on future thinking. Her work over the past twenty years has resulted in the analysis that the keys to the future are anticipation, innovation and communications. In her keynote, Elina brought numerous techniques and all her knowledge to the important question of how we can anticipate the future to find a better way forward.

The summit also shed light on the question of: How do we envision the home of tomorrow? A question so fundamental to GROHE’s business and the industry in general that it was discussed by a roundtable of experts: Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA; Katrin Franzen-Löhning, Leader Market Research, LIXIL EMENA; Gudy Herder, Futurist; and Steve Collinge, Managing Director at Insight Retail Group. They discussed trends, consumer behavior and scientific research on the matter. Katrin Franzen-Löhning concluded: “There is a higher need for relaxation and conscious me-time; and when we look at sustainability, it’s not a trend any longer. It is really an obligation for all of us. Consumers look for products that save money and water.”

First masterclass analyzed the influence of megatrends on product design

In the event’s first masterclass entitled “Adapted to our needs: Interior design and products for new spaces” LIXIL experts Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA, and Carina Buhlert, Leader LIXIL Global Design Brand Environment, discussed the needs and forces that drive changing consumer expectations. For GROHE, the megatrends that determine these drivers are urbanization, sustainability, and health and wellbeing. In fact, many of the current trends in interior design can be traced back to the workings of these forces. Both Carina Buhlert and Patrick Speck explained that “GROHE tries to reflect a personal and ever-growing individuality and style within its product portfolio, with different finishes, sub-brands and technological innovations. Through our products we want to empower that sense of belonging – because in the end home is a feeling.”


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