Grohe Survey: Majority will change water consumption habits


GROHE and YouGov survey was conducted across 7 countries in 4 continents

Ahead of COP 28, the upcoming global climate summit, in the UAE, GROHE and YouGov surveyed over 7,200 people from the UAE, Europe and the USA to assess their awareness of water scarcity, including their showering habits and consumption of tap water.

The research found that a majority (74%) would change their water consumption behavior if there was a water shortage in their country. The following are the findings of this landmark study.

More respondents in the UAE were found to shower at a lower temperature:

With the world currently facing an unprecedented water crisis, more than half of respondents (64%) believe that using less water personally makes a difference to the environment. This motivation to take individual action is supported by the fact that changes in showering habits have in most cases continued or become more widespread in 2023, as more respondents in the UAE were found to shower at a lower temperature (23%) than in any other market surveyed.

Furthermore, 53% of respondents in the UAE said they want to be better informed about water and energy-saving techniques and products:

Over a third (38%) of all those questioned have already installed water- and energy-saving products in their bathrooms, and a further 24% are planning to do so, but 27% say they are not yet aware of any products or devices that can help them reduce water consumption.

“The UAE has made remarkable progress as a nation in shifting to more sustainable solutions to meet its 2050 net-zero emissions targets. However, the findings of this survey underline the importance of educating people about technological solutions that can help limit water use without the need to change behaviour,” affirmed Alexey Bykov, Leader Middle East, LIXIL EMENA.

“GROHE has long sought to raise awareness of this untapped potential for further resource savings. Improving knowledge of resource-efficient technologies and solutions can be a cornerstone of local and national strategies to reduce resource consumption and adapt to limited water supplies,” he continued.


The survey also found that the consumption of tap water is increasingly gaining more focus as it is a resource-efficient way to avoid single-use plastic bottles. However, there is a rising demand for home tap water enhancement solutions amid widespread apprehension about quality and the potential contamination of local tap water.

Over three quarters (77%) of respondents are likely to purchase a device to enhance water quality to address these concerns:

Furthermore, a little over a quarter of respondents in the UAE (29%) report a decline in tap water quality, underscoring the potential efficacy of enhancement solutions like water filtration systems to encourage tap water consumption.

GROHE commissioned a representative YouGov survey in seven countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, USA). The survey was conducted from 08 September to 26 September 2023, with a total of 7,258 people interviewed, the report said.


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