Geely AGMC launches sophisticated Distribution


Facility to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts across the UAE and Middle East

Geely AGMC has celebrated the launch of a new Geely Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai which will further elevate the aftersales support network for Geely vehicles across the UAE and the entire GCC region, according to a press communique.

With “efficiency, agility, and intelligence” as its core principles, the state-of-the-art parts facility will ensure swift parts delivery to the various emirates as well as dealership partners in up to 35 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The new facility implements advanced digital and intelligent technologies to improve supply chain processes and response speeds to improve the logistics network. In terms of warehouse management, every process from storage to delivery has been strictly certified and analysed for maximum efficiency, in line with the current standards of the digitalised logistics industry.


“Geely’s new Parts Delivery Centre is ready to supply spare parts for the entire range of Geely vehicles available to our customers in the United Arab Emirates, thus ensuring faster, better, and more comprehensive support for the needs of Geely owners,” commented Dr Andreas Schaaf, CEO, New Ventures, Albatha Automotive.

“With this new Parts Distribution Centre, we can offer more comfortable, professional and efficient services through the application of digital and intelligent technologies to improve parts supply, response speed, and operational processes,” remarked Alex GU, Vice President, Geely Auto Middle East.


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