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GCEC on track with customized navigational and monitoring technologies

GCEC Trading’s automotive monitoring technology is blazing a new trail enabling effective vehicle oversight while monitoring, managing and improving driving behaviour for safe, secure, efficient and compliant fleet.

Established in 2007, UAE-headquartered GCEC Trading is clearly in for the long haul and in the vanguard of vehicle movement and oversight technologies.

The pioneering company, founded by Mohammad Sulaiman, Founder-CEO, was conceived to provide clean energy products. In 2014, Farhana Kausar Joined GCEC,  at this juncture the company under the management of Farhana Kausar diversified in providing cutting-edge software technology and telematics, to reduce the carbon footprint. It prides in its offering an array of advanced GPS Tracking solutions; Fuel Management systems; Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) and Streaming solutions; In-vehicle Temperature Management and other bespoke critical offerings which enable to manage assets thus reducing the carbon footprint.

In 2015, GCEC was an approved vendor of DPS- (Dubai Protective Systems) an extension of Dubai Police who rolled out their breakthrough SecurePath, a cloud-based navigational and digital map and GPS tracking technology. This certified and approved service is used in Dubai rental vehicles which are registered under the business category of vehicle rentals and leasing.

GECE is registered with SecurePath, the Dubai Police’s Department of Protective Services’ initiative for key, vital monitoring mechanism operating under the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) the state regulatory body for issuing security licensing and related services.

GCEC is very well placed with its experienced and professional team who understands its customers’ needs and requirements and provides tailor-made solutions for its clientele.

In an exclusive interview with Global Supply Chain, Mohammad Sulaiman, Founder-CEO, GCEC, outlined the company’s numerous accomplishments, the developments of bespoke, in-house developed innovative technologies that are defining the demands and prerequisites of managing assets.

Global Supply Chain (GSC): Very briefly, please profile GCEC Trading and the range of products and service it offers?

GPS Tracking Solutions – MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording) – CCTV – Security Hardware Products – Software Development – Innovative Products.

Mohammad Sulaiman (MS): GCEC was founded in 2007 principally to plan and develop renewable, sustainable energy projects and environmentally-friendly products. Over the years, the company has gravitated towards other industry verticals focussing on the IT and associated sectors industry and primarily Telematics, which we now consider our forte.

GCEC is an approved GPS Tracking services provider on behalf of and working closely with the Dubai Government and other regulatory and enforcement authorities. To this end, we are associated with SecurePath, a Dubai Police Initiative under the aegis of the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA).

Our proprietary self-developed products include GlobaliTrack®, a GPS tracking mechanism catering to corporate fleets for asset management, temperature control, fuel, seat belt usage, door sensors monitoring and other parameters.

In our domain also is GlobaleyeTrack®, another ingenious GCEC product that mainly caters for the corporate sector fleet for asset monitoring through the Mobile Digital Video Recording and Streaming (MDVR) device.

GSC: What is your assessment of the telematics industry in the region and how significant is this geography for GCEC?

MS: More and more companies in the region and across the globe are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to use appropriate techniques and protocol for the management and security of company assets and the safety of their employees.

The United Arab Emirates is security conscious country providing the utmost security for its citizens, residents and visitors. We are not just limited to the UAE, we provide tracking solutions throughout the GCC and the wider Middle East.

We believe the industry is likely to grow due to major events and upheavals now taking place across the world. Security is one aspect of the GPS tracking by managing the fleet which results in, among other advantages, the reduction of carbon footprint.

GSC: What potential do you foresee for GCEC in the region and which countries hold the most promise?

MS: The UAE is certainly a country that holds substantial promise and potential. The nation continues to grow from strength to strength and attracts international businesses and investments. Another country that we are very upbeat about is Saudi Arabia, a regional powerhouse with stable financial foundations and assured income from its abundant energy resources

GSC: What are GCEC’s USPs and advantages over its competitors?

MS: GCEC’s work ethic, professionalism, our commitment to develop products and programmes that meet the highest and the most demanding industry standards.

We also pride in what I would like to characterize as our impressive customer service offering and expertise borne out of experience and competence. Other standouts include the use of high quality components and applications, user-friendly software, implementation of the newest available effective technologies and high-quality continued research and development.

GSC: What opportunities and challenges confront GCEC in the Middle East?

MS: We foresee unlimited opportunities and these continued unabated. However, we face daily challenges with inferior and sub-standard competitor products. Our aim is to, do it right with proven abilities and implementation at the very outset so that our customers do not face any downtime.

GSC: How aware / cognizant are logistics and supply chain companies and transportation companies in particular of telematics in the region?

MS: We believe that companies are presently well aware of vehicle monitoring systems. However, the majority have not taken advantage or implemented the GPS technology into their operational strategies. So whilst there is awareness, this has not resulted in implementation.

GSC: How vital is the telematics industry for the logistics industry?

MS: Vital is an understatement in this day and age and it is a complete necessity for the use of telematics and its derivative and applications to any logistical operations. The basic requirement for any supply chain is to know when the shipment will arrive, be it by air, sea or road.

Arrival dates and estimated periods can be obtained from advanced telematics which also performs a slew of much-needed functions including container tracking, time sensitive refrigerated cargo, the monitoring of air freight shipments or any other packages—big and small.

All are connected through a tracking system for many years now. If the entire industry is tracked for their shipments so why not vehicles especially with time sensitive refrigerated cargo such as fresh meats, dairy etc etc.

GSC: What is the extent of the telematics services that you offer in the region in relation to Fleet Management / Driver Safety and Vehicle Tracking?

MS: Telematics has wide applications in today’s businesses. Telematics can be harnessed by corporate fleets for a number of functions. By combining a GPS system with on-board diagnostics it is possible to record and map exactly where a vehicle is and how fast it is traveling, and cross reference that with how a vehicle is behaving internally.

Wireless vehicle safety communications telematics aid in car safety and road safety. It is an electronic sub-system in a car or other vehicle for the purpose of providing analytical information, about such things as driver behavior, locations, speed of vehicles etc which ultimately adds positively to the bottom line.

With our dedicated Management team and associates, we represent almost 12% of Dubai vehicle rental market in the United Arab Emirates.

More on this article can be found on the July.Aug issue https://globalsupplychainme.com/digital-issues/jul-aug20/



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