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FELB implements usage of smart Container2.0

Far East Land Bridge (FELB) teams up with European technology provider PEOPLE to demonstrate new standards in green logistics by using smart Container2.0 and future oriented technologies. The Eurasian railway operator recently finished a transportation service with this new container type over a route of 10,000 km from Suzhou to Duisburg with less emissions and a higher sustainability score due to light weighted and eco-friendly Container2.0. A modality that could help companies worldwide to reduce their ecological footprint.

Regulatory authorities throughout the globe have introduced stringent environmental regulations to restrain greenhouse gas emission. Therefore, sustainability plays a vital role in the supply chain of industries. A challenge for international logistics but a benefit for rail freight.

“By making small changes, we can have ground-breaking large-scale benefits. In 2020 more than 168mn TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent) containers were moved around the world. By making them lighter by 250kg/TEU, we will be able to move 42mn tons of cargo annually without any additional cost and CO2 emissions*,” indicates Sotiris Ptochos, Co-Founder of PEOPLE.

75% less carbon footprint on rail
The Land Bridge rail route saves 75% of the ocean route’s carbon footprint, while only covering 11,000 km instead of 22,000 km on the sea route. In addition, electrified railways are used, which are mainly powered by water power. It also reduces the serious congestion in and around the seaports involved in the east-west container trade by moving containers from trucks to rail.

The aim of constant green service improvements
“Since 2007 FELB is operating on ecological friendly transportation mode as railroad from Europe to Asia and vice-versa constantly aiming to improve its service towards more sustainable, well connected and integrated way of transportation. A big step forward in our aim of green logistics is a trial with light-weighted smart Container2.0 with a variety of ecological and digital advantages it was successfully used on Westbound route from Suzhou to Duisburg.”, outlines Dimitri Savytskyy, Head of Asset Management at FELB Austria satisfied.

Ecological benefits of Container2.0
With the implementation of Container2.0, FELB is one of the first railway transportation company adopting eco-friendly containers in its service. Invented by PEOPLE, Containers2.0 are sustainable, energy-efficient and fully recyclable containers. The reasons: the ISO-certified containers can be manufactured, shipped and packaged like traditional containers. Light weight shipping leads to less fuel and Containers2.0 allow to load more cargo in the same type of container, which also increases payload per FCL.

Safety fist
PEOPLE also developed smart devices that can be installed on any logistics unit (e.g. Wagon or Container) turning it into smart. A real-time monitoring platform, which allows continuous monitoring of transported goods. The intelligent software connects users with assets and cargoes. PEOPLE has developed a full ecosystem that also monitors all shipments and modes of transport in real time from any corner of the globe.
It can be easily customized an integrated in client´s existing CRM, ERP or SRM solutions.
Major aim of this visibility is that it allows businesses to eliminate illegal activities like smuggling or human trafficking.

Rethinking transportation modalities
“On the way to Duisburg, we could monitor the door status and many other parameters in real time via the platform. This option leads to full visibility about CO2 emissions and the conditions of containers and status of current shipments. With the innovation of smart Container2.0 we are a big step further providing our clients sustainable service and an eco-friendly supply chain worldwide”, points out Savytskyy on the new way of green logistics.

FELBs ambition is to work constantly on greener asset management solutions and service options.
The implementation of Container2.0 will be one of many steps to fulfil the overall goal of greener logistics by reducing carbon emissions, improving the ecological footprint as well as to focus on efficiency and security.

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