Emirates SkyCargo flower shipments surge as wedding season kicks off


Flower shipments jump by 20% YoY as the peak period for weddings begin

Emirates SkyCargo is scaling up its cool chain capacity for perishables, preparing for a busy summer season of weddings and outdoor events. As the demand for decorative floral arrangements increases, May 2023 saw Emirates SkyCargo transport 3,590 tonnes of time- and temperature-sensitive fresh cut flowers, a 20% rise from the same period last year, a press communique stated.

Ecuador and Kenya are the top two export origin locations; Ecuador in particular has experienced a steady rise in flower trade in recent years, increasing its exports with Emirates SkyCargo by 21% in May this year, compared to 2022.

The Netherlands, a country that plays a major role in the world’s flower trade, remains in both the top three export origins and import locations. Other key import locations for this commodity include the UAE and Australia, with Saudi Arabia rounding out the top four.

“With 500 to 600 tonnes of perishables transported on Emirates SkyCargo flights every day, we are proud to be the partner of choice that connects the global agriculture community with their customers all over the world,” stated Dennis Lister, Senior Vice President – Product and Innovation, Emirates SkyCargo.

22,500 tonnes of perishable commodities monthly

Perishables are the carrier’s largest business by tonnage carried, uplifting an average of 22,500 tonnes of perishable commodities every month. Ranging from freshly picked mangoes from Pakistan, to salmon from Norway and brilliant blooms from Kenya, Emirates SkyCargo transports goods rapidly and efficiently across its global network of over 140 destinations.

Fresh cut flowers dominate as the leading perishable category transported by SkyCargo with chilled meat and fresh fruits rounding out the top three perishable product categories, as air cargo enables temperate-safe and rapid transit from farm to shop in as little as 24-48 hours.

Door-to-door cool chain delivered at scale via Dubai

As temperatures rise and summer produce is harvested, cool chain logistics play an essential role in keeping high-demand perishable produce fresh and high quality for consumers worldwide.

Emirates’ dedicated cool-chain handling capabilities have been developed with a focus on fast connection times and high-quality transfers. Its dual airport hub in Dubai is world’s largest and most technologically advanced cargo handling facility, offering a three-hour, air-to-air transfer service. Handling over 8,000 shipments per day, the facility has over 15,000sqm of dedicated storage for temperature-sensitive goods, including perishables.

Three options

Emirates Fresh, SkyCargo’s perishable-oriented service offers three different options for customers to choose the appropriate level of temperature protection for their cargo. This ranges from produce with a higher tolerance for temperature fluctuations, to high-end perishables that require active cool dollies for ramp protection.

Customers can track and trace their shipments and view temperature monitoring data online at every step, as well as make short-notice direct bookings, thanks to SkyCargo’s ecommerce platform.


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