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ECS selects rotate’s live capacity

ECS Group Selects Rotate’s Live Capacity data product

  • ECS Group selects best-in-industry capacity data product to maximise strategic growth potential and strengthen leading GSSA position
  • Rotate’s Live Capacity provides real-time data on market trends and capacity fluctuations enabling quick adaptation to changing conditions in a highly competitive air cargo market
  • Rotate’s product contributes to diversifying ECS Group’s capabilities and increase its market reach and customer value proposition

ECS Group partnered with Rotate to gain better insights of the overall air cargo market supply and its development. Thanks to Rotate “Live Capacity data” offering real-time market “supply” insights, ECS Group enhances its in-house business intelligence system, Apollo, to provide users with the data needed to determine new interline partnerships, optimize airline customers’ networks, and react quickly to market changes dynamics in terms of pricing strategy.

“When tendering for digital innovation, only the best pass the test,” says Cédric Millet, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer of ECS Group. “In Rotate, we simply found the best-in-class capacity data product on the market. Real-time data is crucial for our Market Intelligence System as it enables responsiveness to market changes. Our teams can thus take better, proactive and informed decisions in terms of pricing or interline opportunities, for example, leading to improved revenue optimization of the capacity we manage on behalf of our airline customers. And for ECS, that ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction and long-term business growth.”

Two main objectives were behind ECS Group’s decision to partner with Rotate: Strategic Growth and Technological Innovation. Rotate’s capacity product enables the global GSSA to identify market opportunities and thus expand into new routes or markets, strategically growing both its market share and revenue in the air cargo industry. Leveraging innovative technology solutions such as Rotate’s Live Capacity solution secures that ECS Group remains ahead of industry trends. It also fosters digital transformation, strengthening ECS Group’s leading position in innovation and digitalization in air cargo. The aim behind these objectives is to drive operational excellence, customer value, and sustainable growth for ECS Group.

The main features ECS Group  is seeking to utilize, include: real-time capacity monitoring, dynamic route optimization for freighters, an interactive dashboard, and alerts and notifications regarding capacity changes “Just as ECS Group integrates “demand” data from external market sources, it  now also integrates this “supply” data into its sophisticated business intelligence system, Apollo. This system enables end-users to access data through user-friendly dashboards, and includes pre-defined KPIs crucial for informed decision-making,” Millet continues. With real-time data on market trends and capacity fluctuations, ECS Group is able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. This agility enables ECS Group to capitalize on emerging opportunities, adjust pricing strategies, and proactively mitigate risks. Identifying changes in capacity supply is key to applying the correct business strategies in relation to cargo demand, both in terms of tactical decisions (such as freighter schedule) and operational actions (pricing, for example). Customers are thus offered more flexible and proactive solutions.

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