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DMCA strengthens bunkering fleet in Dubai waters

The move is part of DMCA’s resolution to resume maritime operations across Dubai anchorage areas

Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has announced the move to strengthen its bunkering fleet in Dubai waters as part of an advanced step towards the path of organizing, facilitating and enhancing maritime activity. The DMCA has increased the number of licensed vessels to 12 ships, for supplying fuel across the emirate’s territorial waters. The decision was made in conjunction with the move to resume maritime operations in Dubai anchorage areas, including ship repair and maintenance operations and in full compliance with the controls applied to ensure the highest levels of security and safety of ship crew members and visitors.

Strengthening of the bunkering fleet falls within the framework of the DMCA’s commitment to develop and improve the operational and legal framework–further guaranteeing the growth and development of the marine segment and ensuring the continuous supply of ships with fuel without interruption, especially in view of the ongoing preparations to receive regional and international tourists coming to Dubai.

Eng. Mohammad Al Bastaki, Director – Marine Anchorage Operations Department, said, “Strengthening the bunkering fleets represents a quality focused addition to the efforts aimed at providing guarantees for the return of momentum to the local marine sector, particularly in the present scenario, when there is an easing of restrictions in Dubai and in conjunction with the completion of the National Disinfection Programme.”

He pointed out that the return of maritime operations in the landing areas for the ships strengthens confidence and offers a positive outlook of the promising opportunities available within the local maritime sector, which is based on advanced infrastructure, key legislation and world-class maritime and logistical capabilities that make it a safe and sustainable marine environment.

“We will continue to focus on updating the operational and legal framework governing marine activities to be at pace with the rapidly changing variables, keeping in mind the adoption of best practices that support the growth and sustainability of marine activity, in line with the “Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy” which is focused on enhancing the attractiveness, competitiveness and inclusiveness of the local marine community. We look forward to providing the necessary support for all services offered in Dubai anchorage areas to ensure the return of maritime operations with strong momentum, in line with the ongoing inclination to receive international tourists again. We affirm our continuous commitment to provide the best services that meet the aspirations of the marine sector pioneers, while applying best practices that guarantee maritime safety, safe navigation and operational efficiency, in order to enhance Dubai’s position as a leading destination on the global marine map,” Al Bastaki added.

According to DMCA, the decision to resume maritime activity across Dubai’s anchorage areas will enable ships based in the emirate’s territorial waters to have access to the ship’s services, which includes maintenance, repair and refuelling, subject to obtaining the proper permits from the DMCA and other relevant authorities and in fulfilment of safety requirements and protective measures.


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