Cartlow introduces a first-of-its-kind catalogue retail experience


Aim to extend product lifecycle and reduce e-waste.

Cartlow has launched a new catalogue retail experience providing customers with a seamless and adaptable shopping journey through its app-based digital catalogue. Customers can explore a diverse range of pre-loved products, including electronics, toys, home, and lifestyle items, and select their preferred items from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Unlike traditional online shopping, the new experience allows customers to view the item conditions physically, enabling informed purchasing decisions through a tactile and hands-on approach.

Cartlow’s catalogue retail experience is the first of its kind in the MENA region, providing customers with an innovative solution that helps to extend the lifecycles of products and reduce e-waste. Since inception, the platform has sold over 2 million products, resulting in a groundbreaking contribution to saving over 6 million kg of e-waste and 36 million kg of carbon emissions.

Mohammad Sleiman, Founder and CEO, has expressed the company’s commitment to sustainability and continuous innovation in the reverse logistics industry, through which the company aims to provide better solutions to its partners and customers. 

Cartlow’s has had a significant impact on the shopping scene, with products up to 80% cheaper than the retail price. Additionally, the platform holds an international standard certification, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally responsible recycling practices.

As the platform continues to grow and expand its offerings, it is expected to become a major player in the global reverse logistics market, which is projected to reach $958 billion in 2028. 


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