CargoTech’s Top of the Tech Pops


CargoTech’s immense versatility within the field of Digitalization is uniquely exemplified by the broad range of products offered by its five air cargo industry and technology companies. Three products currently stand out as the best-selling favorites: Wiremind’s Skypallet, CargoAi’s CargoWALLET, and Rotate’s Sales Cockpit.

Five member companies make up CargoTech: ECS Group’s Cargo Digital Factory, Wiremind Cargo, CargoAi, Rotate, and CharterSync. More than 120 experts with very different focus areas that, combined, are committed to reshaping the air cargo industry digital landscape through innovative products. CargoTech offers bespoke digital solutions for every air cargo business process with the aim to increase efficiency, improve revenues or decrease costs.

One such evergreen is Wiremind’s SkyPallet. What began, in 2017, as a simple volume calculator to empower cargo sales teams to give more accurate shipment quotes, has now substantially evolved to become the end-to-end palletization tool relied on by over 20 international companies. Skypallet simulates the palletization of individual shipments or produces full flight plans in a matter of seconds to optimize capacity, therefore revenues. Aside from SkyPallet’s speed and ever-increasing accuracy, customers also appreciate its ability to produce realistic solutions – particularly when it comes to dealing with complex operational scenarios involving overhangs, elevations, or winged pallets. SkyPallet’s configurability as well as its 3D interactive visual feature are highly appealing, too, since these remove the human error risk and support newcomers, without or with limited operational knowledge, in understanding the cargo they are handling commercially. Proof of Concept studies have revealed an increase in space utilization of 5-15% when using SkyPallet. Given that space equals money in air cargo, SkyPallet is an indispensable asset for airlines, forwarders, GSAs, and GHAs.

CargoAi’s CargoWALLET has quickly gained traction since it was introduced at the start of this year. Absolutely unique as an air cargo FinTech solution, CargoWALLET offers a modern, global, and secure payment solution. It is a highly welcome alternative to traditional, time-consuming, and expensive payment solutions. Embedded within CargoAi’s CargoMART platform, or used as a standalone solution, it is already accessible to more than 12,000 forwarders across the world, enabling them to leverage modern financial technology and pay all their logistics providers on a single platform. CargoWALLET also offers flexible finance to assist with cash flow management and enables “PayLater” agreements in an ever-increasing choice of currencies. With 46 currencies and over 200 integrated payment methods currently supported, no other solution in the industry comes close to what CargoWALLET can offer.


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