Careem Quik delivers over one million grocery orders


Quik’s order volume grew by 4.3 times and its customer base grew by 3.2 times

Careem recorded over one million grocery orders delivered in Dubai through its on-demand grocery service, Quik, which delivers fresh produce, groceries, and household items at supermarket-competitive prices in under 30 minutes.

Quik customers increasingly opted for healthy snacks this year, with bananas and blueberries making up the most popular order combination. Al Ain water was the most ordered item for both men and women, and single men were Quik’s most active demographic, a press communique stated.

“We’ve used our experience in last-mile delivery to optimize the entire delivery supply chain and bring quicker, better value, and higher quality experiences to our customers in Dubai. We are excited to expand Quik to other Emirates very soon,” commented Chase Lario, Head of Groceries, Careem.

Hyperlocal dark stores

Quik was launched in Dubai in November 2021 and uses a dense network of hyperlocal dark stores and advanced fulfillment and inventory management technology to prepare orders in under two minutes and eliminate item replacements.

Through its dark store network, Careem controls the entire supply chain process, from ordering and fulfillment, to managing inventory and delivery. When an order is placed on the app, order pickers, called ‘Quikers’ collect and process the order in dark stores that are fully optimized for rapid fulfillment, before handing them off to dedicated Quik delivery Captains.

Over the past year, Quik’s product selection has expanded from 2200 to over 6500, offering customers staples across multiple categories. Over the same period, Quik’s order volume grew by 4.3 times and its customer base grew by 3.2 times, the press statement concluded.


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