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Bluerock: Building Solutions on Solid Rock Foundations

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the Netherlands, BlueRock TMS is an IT services firm that develops advanced operative and analytical software solutions for the transportation industry that streamline logistics operations and delivery processes.

BlueRock TMS was founded in 2013 by industry veteran and current global CEO, Wouter Lammerse, with the demanding objective to simplify and streamline logistics processes. The company’s independent and creative versatile mindset has allowed it the freedom to develop, move, and deliver fast. This unique company spirit, in partnership with its insightful critical thinking, has grown them into a leading international TMS vendor, most recently recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Global Supply Chain exclusively interviewed Sadi Abdel Kariem Al Sadi, CEO Middle East, and Africa, BlueRock TMS. The following is the transcript of the recent engagement.

Global Supply Chain (GSC): For the uninitiated, give us a one-minute spiel on the corporate profile of BlueRock TMS as a technology and transportation management solutions provider? Sadi Abdel Kariem Al Sadi (SAKAS): BlueRock TMS is a leading transportation management solutions technology provider, offering innovative, cloud native, AI solutions that streamline and optimize logistics operations. Our comprehensive platform leverages innovative artificially intelligent algorithms designed to meet the evolving needs of the supply chain industry globally.

GSC: When did BlueRock TMS debut in the Middle East and Africa and what is the geographical extent of your operations in the region? SAKAS: BlueRock TMS entered the Middle East in 2022, and our operations span across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and South Africa serving the entire region through these offices. Our strategic presence in the region is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier TMS solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Middle Eastern markets.

GSC: As CEO what is your professional remit? SAKAS: As BlueRock TMS’ regional Chief Executive Officer, my role involves steering the company’s overall regional strategy, fostering innovation, building teams, and promoting the adoption of our cloud native, AI powered TMS technologies. I am dedicated to ensuring that BlueRock TMS remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering unmatched value to our clients whilst building an environment that bolsters regional talent.

GSC: Expand on BlueRock TMS’ sophisticated solutions and USPs that have been designed to address the unique challenges faced by logistics network operators be they Contract Logistics, Distributors or Retail / E-tailers? SAKAS: BlueRock TMS provides ingenious solutions tailored for retailers and E-commerce companies, addressing challenges. Our unique selling propositions include USPs, ensuring our clients attain operational excellence and enhance customer satisfaction.

GSC: In your estimation, what are the advanced technologies that are game changers in the TMS realms? SAKAS: The game-changers in the TMS realm include real time visibility and self-learning algorithms which are revolutionizing how logistics and transportation are managed. These technologies empower business decision making in real time with reiterative artificially intelligent automated decision making. There is no better peace of mind knowing that you physically could not do better.

GSC: ‘Paving the way to smarter logistics’ is your corporate byline. Explain. SAKAS: Our corporate byline reflects our commitment to ushering in a new era of intelligent logistics. We believe in harnessing technology to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase sustainability, leading to smarter and more efficient logistics operations.

GSC: How significant is the region for BlueRock TMS? SAKAS: The Middle East is of paramount significance for BlueRock TMS, representing a strategic hub for our operations and a key market where we are committed to delivering exceptional value.

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