B.D. Dhalla Transport Chooses Netradyne’s Driver•i to Deploy ARST


Netradyne, an industry leader in fleet safety and management solutions, today announced a five-year contract with B.D. Dhalla Transport, a leading Indian transport company with more than 60 years of experience in express cargo services, bulk movements, refrigerated transport, and remote area operations. This move will allow B.D. Dhalla Transport to utilize intelligence provided by Netradyne to make strategic fleet management decisions to mitigate on-road incidents.

Catering to India’s top manufacturing and multinational companies, B.D. Dhalla Transport moves more than 100,000 metric tons of cargo annually. The company selected Netradyne’s AI-powered embedded technology to provide the safest, most consistent, and most cost-efficient services to its customers. The solution will also help B.D. Dhalla Transport further enhance its fleet safety and service levels.

“It is indeed a pleasure to partner with Netradyne – an organization focused on providing cutting-edge products with after-sale service to match. We were thoroughly impressed by the company’s Driver•i product and continue to discover new benefits of using the solution with each successive month. With this engagement, we are sure that we will be equipped to deliver top-tier safety levels to our employees and business partners, as well as all other users on the Indian roads,” said Jehaan Dhalla, Director, B.D. Dhalla Transport.

The engagement emphasizes a strong message of road safety, while helping B. D. Dhalla Transport to achieve its goals of safeguarding lives, reducing road accidents, and improving fatigue management. Netradyne’s Driver•i technology will provide clear insights into driving behavior through real-time monitoring systems and real-time driver coaching. An analytical report will also be generated as part of the service, which will assist in devising effective improvement plans, thereby positively impacting B. D. Dhalla Transport’s overall business.


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