AZFreight to offer CargoWALLET and more to all its users


AZFreight, the world’s leading air cargo information portal and directory, has announced that it will be providing its users with access to the latest product from CargoAi, airfreight’s fastest growing digital enabler, CargoWALLET.  

From April 2023, AZFreight users will get access to the full CargoMART booking experience, using a white-label solution from CargoAi. CargoMART is a digital marketplace that allows freight forwarders to search, quote, book, track and, now, pay for shipments within one interface, as well as monitor carbon emissions per shipment via Cargo2ZERO. 

“We are excited to offer our users the latest in airfreight technology, significantly growing our user experience beyond a directory and information site. We have chosen to partner with CargoAi now, after the release of CargoWALLET, which will make a huge difference in the experience we offer to our users. We are also pleased with Cargo2ZERO features as part of the booking flow, aligning with our commitment to promote sustainable practices in the industry,” Tim Brocklehurst, Digital Transformation Lead of AZFreight  

CargoWALLET is CargoAi’s payment solution for air cargo with supply chain financing capabilities, allowing  freight forwarders to pay for shipments instantly, without the need for IATA Cass Number, AWB stock, or bank guarantees. Additionally, CargoWALLET enables bookings to be made from any origin and provides the lowest exchange rates in over 30 currencies, increasing the global reach and business potential for AZFreight members.

Integrated in the CargoMART booking flow, Cargo2ZERO provides CO2 visibility emission data on all CargoAi’s airline schedules, Routes and AWBs, calculated as per IATA RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 1678 STANDARD. With data provided from Cargo2ZERO, AZ Freight forwarders can report on their Scope 3 emissions and be fully aligned for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements. AZFreight forwarders can also purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) with Neste, the leading producer of SAF, as an ‘add-on’ to each booking to scale climate action rapidly from an individual level. 

“We’re excited to partner with AZFreight, bringing their users our latest solutions, CargoWALLET and CargoMART.  This partnership provides members with a superior experience, combining sustainable carbon-efficient route options and instant payment solutions, into an all-in-one booking experience,” said Matt Petot, CEO of CargoAi.


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