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Ariston ME sustainability targets renewed growth in energy sector

Favourable impact due to renewed growth in sector conscious of energy costs

The favourable outlook of the hospitality industry has resulted in an uptake of Ariston Middle East renewable solutions -heat pumps and solar panels for water heating. As hotels, restaurants and other entities in the hospitality industry experience an upswing, water heating solutions harnessing natural resources of sun, heat and air are given priority. Reducing energy cost is a top consideration, solar panels and heat pump technology is favoured thereby contributing to the company’s sustainability program.

“The hospitality industry has a high demand for hot water. Guest rooms, swimming pools and restaurants require large quantities depending on capacity so cost of water heating is a major consideration. This is true for the industry all over the world. As the UAE benefits from the imminent Expo 2020 traffic and a return to normal, our design engineers see an inclination to environment friendly solutions that also benefit customers by minimizing energy consumption. The building of NEOM in Saudi Arabia is yet another opportunity for Ariston Thermo’s sustainable solutions. Heat Pump technology is gaining ground due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The abundance of sunshine in the region make solar energy a natural choice.” Says Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Thermo Group in the Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus.   

Heat Pumps to Witness Fastest Revenue Growth in U.A.E. & Saudi Arabia’s Heating Equipment Market till 2030

Post Covid, the Heat Pump market, led by Ariston Thermo products, is expected to grow.

With Dubai Expo 2020 almost here and the increase in visitors, market revenue of heat pumps which was $89.5 million in 2019, is predicted to surge to $121.4 million by 2030, at a CAGR of 2.9% between 2020 and 2030 (forecast period).*

The hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia has been holding its ground despite the pandemic. Vision 2030 and the numerous projects it has spawned like NEOM, Qiddiya and The Red Sea Development account for an unprecedented upswing. More than 20 new hotels, a few with international brand names and a few through strategic partnerships with the leading domestic hospitality groups have been opened resulting in addition of more than 8,200 rooms to the existing supply covering all sections of the market. This increase definitely comes as a boon to the revenue growth in the heat pump market.**

Ariston Thermo Technology intergrates Heat Pumps and Solar Panels

Electric heat pumps reduce energy consumption up to -55% as compared to traditional boilers. By absorbing the free and ecologic heat directly from the air, heat pumps are the best example of technology in complete harmony with the environment. Buying and installation costs are also lower, and it is a ‘future-proof’ product. Ariston Thermo products offer the option of integrating with other sources of power such as solar panels.

To meet the demand for hot water, Ariston Thermo places efficient hybrid systems which comprise of heat pumps and solar collectors. These systems utilise solar energy generated by the collectors to pre-heat the water needed by the users of the building. Built in heat pumps assure that the water reaches the required temperature. Such a hybrid system results in the optimum savings in energy since heat pump as a backup source utilize the ambient air temperature to heat up water while keeping electric consumption low.

Several hotel projects around the UAE leverage a combination of solar power and heat pump technology. One of the larger Ariston Thermo solar and heat pump installations supplies 58,000 litres a day at the Hilton Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah. The hotel’s 272 rooms, one VIP chalet, ten chalets, main restaurant, and staff accommodation are in five different buildings. The entire system has been designed by Ariston design engineers taking into consideration the specific withdrawal estimated profile for each building of the complex. The renewable water heating system of each building is independent of others. Both the natural and forced circulation systems are integrated with a split air-to-water heat pump water heater. The solar fraction performance of the system is variable from system to system but always above 80% to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings. Additional savings is provided by the Heat Pumps. Considering both the solar and air source, the saving is over 550,00kWh, the equivalent to a reduction of 330,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

In Saudi Arabia, hotel projects have been completed across the country. They include Acqua Rafal in Jeddah, hotels in Madinah and Vocco Towers Holiday Inn project in Dammam in addition to others in NEOM.

“Sustainable and efficient products, solutions and processes can make a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption and make an environmental impact without sacrificing comfort” adds Alberto Torner. “These concerns were not as prevalent when we started operations of Ariston Thermo in the region 40 years back but are acknowledged today and we are proud to be as relevant to our customers here today as we were then.”

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