Almajdouie and IRU to reskill drivers & operations


Saudi LSP is the first in the Kingdom to adopt IRU RoadMasters’ regulations

A new strategic partnership with IRU RoadMasters will enhance the efficiency of Almajdouie Logistics’ operations and ensure its drivers operate in line with international standards.

IRU RoadMasters helps mobility and logistics operators develop, strengthen and manage key workers, especially commercial drivers, with state-of-the-art training and assessment solutions. It certifies professional drivers and provides companies with digital dashboards to monitor and manage drivers’ skill profiles, it was revealed in a press communique.

“We are delighted to be the first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement this leading programme for general cargo transport,” asserted Mohammed Ali Almajdouie, CEO, Almajdouie Logistics.

Significant step

“This collaboration with IRU is a significant step forward for Almajdouie Logistics in our pursuit of operational excellence and ensuring our drivers adhere to global standards. RoadMasters’ certification program will equip us with the necessary tools to monitor and enhance our drivers’ skills profiles, further solidifying our commitment to providing high-quality logistics services,” he continued

“This partnership signifies our collective commitment to advancing the logistics and transport industry. IRU is pleased to equip Almajdouie Logistics with the means to enhance driver skills and certify professionals, ultimately bolstering the company’s operational efficiency and global competitiveness,” asserted Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General.

Multiple advantages

RoadMasters offers multiple advantages to logistics companies, helping them to select the right candidates for specific roles and providing structured data analysis for informed decision-making at various organizational levels. It also enhances business efficiency by addressing skill gaps, reducing training costs through targeted instruction, managing risks, and ensuring compliance.

Moreover, RoadMasters certification demonstrates a commitment to safety, fostering higher customer satisfaction and retention, the press statement concluded.


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