Al Masaood participates in CIS:KSA 2023


The summit brought together industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations

Al Masaood Bergum, part of UAE’s Al Masaood Group and one of the UAE’s leading modular building system providers, joined global construction experts and highlight its commitment to sustainable and innovative modular building solutions at the recently concluded Construction Intel Summit KSA 2023.

The summit brought together industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations for a one-day live event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Focusing on four key themes, Saudization and the transmission of knowledge, the multi-disciplinary engineering and delivery of giga-projects, the impact of AI and other disruptive technologies on the future of the built environment and the nuances of owning and operating a giga-project, the summit combined high-level panel discussion, keynote speeches and expert presentations.

Environmentally friendly solutions

“At Al Masaood Bergum, our dedication to delivering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions remains steadfast, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s growth trajectory. I look forward to sharing our eco-conscious building systems and shed light on our offerings, to foster and create alliances in Saudi Arabia and beyond,” commented Jens Otterstedt, General Manager, Al Masaood Bergum.

A study by BCG (Boston Consulting Group) estimates, that the sourcing of building materials typically accounts for 10% to 30% of building emissions globally, while construction makes up around 5% creating an urgent need for sustainable construction practices in the region.

Hybrid Modular Building System

Al Masaood Bergum showcased the Hybrid Modular Building System, an innovative construction method using cold-formed steel, is swiftly gaining traction in the industry. This system streamlines the building process and results in stronger structures.


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