ADNOC signs US$ 450-550mn deal with PetroChina


Natural gas has lower carbon emissions compared to other fossil fuels

ADNOC Gas recently announced an agreement, valued between US$ 450mn (AED1.65bn) and US$ 550mn (AED 2bn), to supply Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to PetroChina International Company (PCI), a subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited, one of the leading oil and gas producers and distributors in China.

This agreement underscores ADNOC Gas’ growing global presence, particularly in the East and South Asian markets. Natural gas plays a crucial role as a transitional fuel, generating lower-carbon emissions compared to other fossil fuels, and ADNOC Gas is committed to ensuring reliable supply to its customers around the world.

“China continues to be a key market for ADNOC Gas, and this agreement further reinforces our role as a major LNG supplier across East and South Asia, and beyond,” commented Ahmed Mohamed Alebri, CEO, ADNOC Gas.

LNG serves as an important raw material in industrial value chains and its versatility allows its application across a broad range of industries, fostering economic growth.

“This agreement signifies an extension of the cooperation between our two companies and reaffirms PCI’s commitment to ADNOC Gas as our global partner,” remarked Wu Junli, Chairman, PCI.


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