ACWA joins Japanese think-tank


ACWA Power joins Japanese think tank, boosting research capabilities

Utilities supplier to develop its green hydrogen and renewable energy capabilities

Saudi-listed ACWA Power, the world’s largest private water desalination company, leader in energy transition and first mover into green hydrogen, has become a full member of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), a think tank focusing on energy, economic and environmental issues, it was recently announced.

The membership will allow ACWA Power to benefit from IEEJ’s experience in analysing energy problems and providing data-led solutions. ACWA Power has gained access to valuable resources such as IEEJ’s vast database of original research that will allow it to strengthen its focus on green hydrogen and renewables, aligning with the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives.

The membership enhances ACWA Power’s ability to stay on the forefront of cutting-edge energy research and contributes to the company’s commitment to supporting sustainable progress and development.

“By leveraging this membership, ACWA Power is well-positioned to actively engage in the advancement of green energy technologies, thereby accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and renewable energy future,” stated Marco Arcelli, CEO, ACWA Power.


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